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Exclusive Interview: Maeve Steele Delves Into Her New Single ‘Strangers in the Garden’

Exclusive Interview: Maeve Steele Delves Into Her New Single ‘Strangers in the Garden’

2023 may be starting to wind down for the year, but Maeve Steele certainly isn’t. In fact, Maeve is just getting started, and her first gift of the season is her new single ‘Strangers in the Garden.’ The song has ethereal vibes and to be quite honest has been on repeat the entire time we’ve been writing this article and we could still listen to it a hundren times over.

The drifting flow of the track makes for a tranquil listen, but once you get into the lyrics, Maeve’s talent for songwriting steals the show. Perfectly capturing the feeling of falling out of love, Maeve uses the metaphor of a withering garden to depict a crumbling relationship. It’s rich, emotional writing and if this is what Maeve is producing just a couple of years into her career, we can’t begin to imagine what musical gems she’ll go onto create.

To learn more about Maeve Steele, keep reading to find out about everything from her inspirations to her writing process and even her favorite piece of merch. Don’t forget to stream Maeve’s brand-new single ‘Strangers in the Garden’ while you read!

Hi Maeve, congratulations on the release of ‘Strangers in the Garden!’ It’s your first big release this year, so how are you feeling now that it’s finally going to be out there?
I’m definitely nervous, but I’m so excited to release a song that feels like me. These songs all feel more personal and intimate than anything I’ve released before, and this is the first one, so that comes with some nerves. But it does feel freeing to be like “this is who I am as an artist, this is what that sounds like.”

‘Strangers in the Garden’ feels like slowly falling in and out of a daydream; what was your inspiration for the track?
I love that. I wrote the verses last winter, when I felt really bored and a little uninspired. The verses kind of became about boredom, and I like that you can hear that in the melody. It kind of drags it’s feet. I wrote the chorus later, and it felt bigger and dreamier, more movement. I really liked the contrast of putting them together. This song turned into being about feeling lost, and I like that those feelings often eb and flow between boredom and beauty the same way the song does.

You describe your sound as “Americana-noir,” what drew you towards your sonic style?
I grew up with a lot of country and folk music in the household. I was also really drawn to artists like Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey. I think the combination of those influences has carved out my style.

If our readers are unfamiliar with your work, what song would you say best represents you as an artist?
Maybe ‘Refuge’ on the Overland EP. It’s bittersweet and weird and just feels like a culmination of all of the sounds I like to play with.

You have a real gift for storytelling in your lyrics. When you’re writing are you drawn more to writing about your own life or looking for outward inspiration?
Thank you! I usually have some outward inspiration. I read something or hear something that resonates and then the more I pull at the idea the more it becomes about myself and my own life. So I guess I look outward for where to look inward.

You started out doing session songwriting within the Nashville scene. What was that experience like, and what made you decide to take the leap and put out your own music?
I think I started session songwriting because I was too shy to admit – probably to myself more than anyone else – that I really wanted to be an artist. It was a great bootcamp to learn about the structure of making music and collaborating with others, but it just wasn’t the way I liked to write. I’ve always been really private and obsessive over the little things. I think I was trying to learn how to write like everyone else, and I honestly wasn’t very good at it. I needed the space to learn how to write like myself.

We’re high-key obsessed with your style. The looks in your music videos like ‘Shimmer’ and ‘No Control’ are stunning. What advice would you give to someone trying to find their personal style or find the confidence to try new things?
I think wear what makes you feel good. It sounds so simple, but it really is hard to separate out what makes you feel trendy from what makes you feel you, especially in the era of fast fashion. I’m working on curating basics that I love, I think that’s the best place to start.

Speaking of style, your merch is super cute (yes, we’re eyeing it up rn), but what is your favorite piece you own?
The slow down hats! Those are so cute.

You worked with Daniel Loumpouridis on your new music, how did that collaboration come about?
We were actually introduced by my roommate and close friend. Musically, I was starting a new chapter, and I wanted to collaborate with someone who I got along with well and had similar tastes to. ‘Strangers in the Garden’ was the first song Daniel and I made, in our second session together ever. It all just felt natural, he’s really talented at translating artist nonsense into music. I could be like “I want this hook to sound more navy” and he’d know what that meant. 

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‘Strangers In The Garden’ has us craving even more new music! Can we expect any more releases or surprises coming soon?
My next song is called ‘Lorena,’ and it comes out in December!

Lastly, as 2023 draws to a close, what are your hopes and dreams for the year ahead?
Shows! I’m releasing more music at the beginning of the year, and I would love the opportunity to bring those songs into the world in a new way.

Have you fallen in love with Maeve Steele’s music? Let us know your favorite track while we wait for the release of ‘Lorena!’ Either comment below or drop us a Tweet  @thehoneypop. You can also find us on Facebook or Instagram, so you can stay up to date with all of your faves!

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