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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: There’s Nothing ‘Toxic’ About Samira

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: There’s Nothing ‘Toxic’ About Samira

If we’re being genuine, Samira is someone who has been on our radar for a minute here at The Honey POP! Whether it was from her iconic West End performances, her insane vocals, or the addictive beats in her music – Samira has had us sat. So when we got the chance to talk to her, it was safe to say we kinda lost our minds over it! We got to talk to Samira about her new banger of a single ‘Toxic,’ her previous works, and so much more! Let’s not waste any more time and buzz right in!

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First and foremost, hello and welcome to The Honey POP! We are beyond stoked to get to talk with you about your new single ‘Toxic’ and your masterpieces before it! Before we buzz in, do you mind introducing yourself to our readers in case they haven’t had the honor of being introduced to you yet?
Hi, my name is Samira Mighty and I’m a singer, songwriter, dancer, and performer from London!

You’ve worked with some insanely talented people throughout your music career. What was it like co-writing ‘Toxic’ with Kal Lavelle? 
I’ve been lucky enough to be in the room with some incredible writers and producers, but what I really loved about writing with Kal was how personal and comfortable it was. We became good friends after the session – during the session, it was very vulnerable with us talking about the times where we may have wanted to be with people whilst knowing they weren’t great for us and I think we connected in a really personal way. That is often so important when you’re writing music because you end up with songs and art that feels authentic.

The pulse throughout ‘Toxic’ is downright addicting and invigorating! When you’re writing a new track,  how do you know you’ve found the beat? 
Every session is different, but usually, I’ll go in with a set idea of the type of sound I want to create, and then I’ll work with the producer to try and get as close to that as possible. You just instantly know when you’ve alighted on something that’s magic. I’m a very visual person, so I like to close my eyes and if I can visualise a music video, the artwork, pictures, and colours then we’re usually good to go and I can start crafting the actual song.

What Can’t Samira Do?

You’re an artist of many many talents! In what ways would you say your musical theater background influences the music you’re creating now?
With musical theatre, it’s very dramatic, over the top, and in your face and that’s exactly the kind of artist I want to be! Musicals are all about the spectacle, and in the back of my mind when I’m writing music, I’m already thinking about the live show, the performance. Often when you go to see a great musical, it’s an experience you never forget, and when you come and see me live, I want you to leave with the same feeling.

Image Source: Courtesy of The Outside Organisation

We’re sure people have a tendency to copy and paste themselves into a lot of narratives in others’ art. Have you ever had someone reach out about a song of yours, thinking it was about them? Or should we check back in once ‘Toxic’ is finished taking over the world? Haha
Haha I mean, I definitely write my songs based on things that have happened to me and about people around me. I mean ‘TOXIC’ – helloooooo – it’s definitely about certain boys I’ve dated! I think recently I’ve been writing even more about certain people – I love putting in little clues so that they definitely know it’s about them!

True To Who She Is

Your previous releases ‘Envy Me’ and ‘That’s Not What My Friends Say’ feel like two different sides of your confidence to us, and we’re obsessed with it. How would you say each of these tracks showcases your personality?
I think that ‘Envy Me’ is very vulnerable, even though the tone is upbeat. I like to call it my ‘sad hot girl pop song’. It’s about the breakdown of a relationship, and even though it’s written from the point of view that I’ve moved on and my ex-partner hasn’t, there’s still a real wistful edge to it. Whereas, with ‘That’s Not What My Friends Say’, it’s just such a sassy, girl-power song. It’s very direct and confrontational, but it’s still got the element of ‘Oh, who cares, I’ve got my friends and I’m hot. I found out your secret, you’re done for’ haha .

As we alluded to earlier, diversity is a guarantee when it comes to what you have up your sleeve! What were some of the major influences behind ‘Toxic?’
‘Toxic’ was actually written quite early in the sessions for the EP – before the three singles I’ve released thus far – and at that point, I was being really free in experimenting with my sound and my writing. I knew I wanted to incorporate some of my love of dance music, but then add some real pop sensibilities into the mix and so, sonically, I think it’s really interesting and a little different from my previous releases. I’m quite a girly girl, and for this one, I really did just want something that was fun and super hooky, but which, as always, has real substance once you properly scratch the surface.

The Queen of Dance Floor Anthems

Obviously, we need to talk about ‘Like This, Like That.’ We need this played at every event we attend from here on out, it’s not just a total vibe but also the mood setter! What was the process like creating ‘Like This, Like That’ compared to creating ‘Toxic?’
I wrote and recorded ‘Like This, Like That’ over in Copenhagen with Cutfather and his team, and it’s always exciting going and absorbing some of that Scandinavian pop brilliance. Sessions there are just totally different. They work super quickly and just get the work done and it’s not uncommon to come out with two or three finished tracks from a one-day session. For that one, I knew I wanted to write something with a real dark energy – there’s something about the production that is so underground and dark, but also so sexy – it’s still one of my favourites. As soon as it was done I knew it had to be my debut single, and I canvassed really hard to make that happen.

We think it’s safe to say that you’re just getting started. What are some of your personal or career goals for 2024? Any bucket list items we can support you checking off?!
I’m just about to start putting together a live show, and I can’t wait to get out there and show off all the new music I have in my arsenal. I’d love to do some more collaborations – it really does give you the freedom to dip your toe into different genres, pick up new fans, and hopefully learn from the person you’re collaborating with. It’d be great to create some really extravagant music videos, go and write over in LA, have a top ten hit…there’s still lots of work to do and loads to tick off my bucket list.

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Okay last question, we promise! But we love to end things on a fun note! Looking back on your releases so far, if you had to assign a color to each of your singles to encapsulate their vibe, what colors would you choose?
‘I Love Your Smile’ – bright orange
‘Like This, Like That’ – smoky black
‘That’s Not What My Friends Say’ – blue 
‘Envy Me’ – minty green 
‘Toxic’ – sour pink

Image Source: Courtesy of The Outside Organisation

Thank you again to Samira for taking the time to talk to us. And believe us when we say the pleasure was all ours! We’re so excited to see what else she has in store for us next year. But for now, we’re more than happy to put ‘Toxic’ on repeat! What’s your favorite out of Samira’s singles? Let us know in the comments below! Or you can let us know on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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