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5 Anne-Marie Songs As ‘UNHEALTHY’ Snacks 

5 Anne-Marie Songs As ‘UNHEALTHY’ Snacks 

We don’t see anything ‘UNHEALTHY’ about our recipe for a perfect remedy to boredom: our phone in hand as we slip into the TikTok app, scrolling through British pop star and overall cool girl Anne-Marie’s account. It’s stacked with #hairinspo of her icy blond tresses, slaying various game filters. Then, if we were to scroll back up again, we’d land on one of her most recent videos with the caption “Next week – gym.” The reason is that it’s a fun montage of her eating various fatty foods. They range from pizza to burritos to cupcakes, all of which we’re only a mere second away from chowing down on ourselves; yum!

However, that’s not the only reason we’re slipping into the ‘UNHEALTHY’ buzzword. In fact, with the addition of a lifetime bucket list feature for any singer Shania Twain, Anne-Marie has lassoed the country genre to come up with the ultimate banger to sing to your parents or any judgmental friend if you were to find yourself in a Romeo and Juliet situation. Like, yes, “Oh, babe, your touch, it hurts more than hangovers,” but does that mean we won’t hold out for the healthy, happy ending? Probably not. 

We couldn’t think of a more winning combination than food and music, so to celebrate the track, we’ve decided to kick our feet up on the couch and leave the gym on read for another week, matching up five songs, including ‘UNHEALTHY’ with their ultimate junk food snack. So instead of letting the question of “what to eat next?” toss in your head, you’ll have already decided. It’ll keep your stomach full while allowing ample time to listen to our girl’s vocals. That’s a win-win for us, right? Happy eating, uh, we mean… listening. 


Perhaps through ‘FRIENDS’ being Anne-Marie’s first foray into being an upper-case girl – you really didn’t think she’d camouflage in with the likes of Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodrigo, did you? Those who would prefer to scribble their feelings into a diary page’s margins than scream everything they need to say to the person? – we should’ve known this track wouldn’t be used for a cute friendship montage. Co-written with the musical artist Marshmello, its gently entrancing intro with Anne-Marie’s vocals spotlighted turns into a complete slam at those unable to accept “no” as an answer regarding unrequited love.

“Haven’t I made it obvious?” she asks during the chorus before breaking out into a full spelling bee and giving the anti-object to her desires a lesson in how to spell the platonic synonym. It’s also got this cool, underlayer groove that’s not poignant enough to distract you from the lyrics, but its blasé also allows you to move to it easily.

Thus, we’re assigning the junk food Sam Blue Pops to this cheeky number. Try having them create a romantic moment when both tongues are blue! 


Don’t despair, as those who have successfully carried out the friends-to-lovers trope can also hit repeat on ‘2002.’ Found on her first album, Speak Your Mind, it’s this charming tune that lets the verses carry the listener through the love story of two people who obviously knew each other “On the days when we were young, uh,” and if we’re getting particular, those days start when they’re 11, when they have their first kiss, to then doing much more than that upon turning 18.

So obviously, we’re going with a food item that’s as sticky-sweet as this song is: chocolate! Not just any, but in true throwback style, they’re Dulce de Leche Caramel M&M’s. The candy came out in July 2001, sparking popularity the following year!  

‘Tell Your Girlfriend’

We’re back in messy ville; definitely the residency of at least one with Anne-Marie! Yeah, that’s right, the instructions for ‘Tell Your Girlfriend’ are to tell them how you slid into someone else’s DMs, or in true capital letter girl style, she will do it herself. “I’m gonna tell your girlfriend / What a liar you are,” Anne-Marie warns as the beat comes in, then continues mocking with, “She’s gonna know your secret / It would be my pleasure.”

It’s a lesson in girlhood while also showing off Anne-Marie’s brilliant ability to showcase her personality in her songs, diving into that sassy patter, even having the outro be a victorious laugh rather than some instrumental. Which side of the ultimatum sounds like a better scenario?

Maybe ponder over it while chewing on popcorn—the buttery, stale kind that’s slid into the theater’s seats as leftover spillage. We personally wouldn’t eat it if we were you. Though if you aren’t the person the song is directed at, you can always see how perfect your aim is. 

‘Kiss My (Uh Oh)’

Then true to any breakup, there will be a sleepover night, and which tune will blast out of the speakers? The Little Mix collaboration with ‘Kiss My (Uh Oh),’ of course! Our key lyric here is: “Yeah, you send me roses everyday / But I know the game you play / Boy, all you did was make me strong (ah-ah, ah-ah).”

Though belting it out is enough, there’s also a music video in the style of the plane scene from Bridesmaids that makes the perfect video to showcase on a screen projector, or you can watch it below, whichever makes you add ‘xx’ to the song title after the squad gives you enough strength to text it to the now said ex!

There’s a reason why we think of pink and blue, and pastel shades at that, when the word fairy floss comes to mind, as they’re often the colors the syrupy snack comes in. Therefore, they are the perfect thing to fade into your sleepover aesthetic for the Gram and munch down on amid the circus. They have the fun touches you need to forget about your ex and also hold a sentimentality for one’s youth when such problems didn’t exist.


We’ve landed smack drop into Anne-Marie’s kitchen with the ‘UNHEALTHY’ lyric visualizer. Though we should be gazing over the various food – one of them being a double-decker, pink frosting cake – since our stomachs are grumbling with all the eating talk, it’s truly the googly eyes on the cabinets and fridge that have our attention. They’re just so cute! But it also straightaway gives us the illusion that this crappy diet relationship she has found herself in has preying eyes, her mother and her father, as the song suggests—that would rather see her in something steady. However, Anne-Marie claims he’s “Still gon’ be my man (Still gon’).” 

See Also

We’ll get into a bit more analysis in a minute, but for now, if we were to match up this song with any junk food, we’re going with fries. They come in many sizes and shapes, just like whoever floats your boat, and no matter what takeaway store they’re from, Mcdonald’s or Nandos, they taste divine, but regardless of what they do, they can’t distract from the fact that they’re just not good for you! 

Dishing Into Analysis

We promised the analysis for ‘UNHEALTHY’ would come, so here we go. The thing is that Anne-Marie’s always wanted to experiment with the country genre, and if there were ever to be the perfect musical genius to do it with, it would, of course, be Shania Twain. Her vocals first step in during the post-chorus, blending with Anne-Marie’s, though the latter’s is more overpowering before it’s strictly Shania on the second chorus. The way she has this breathlessness around the word “give” to close out the second line, representing that he’s the perfect shakeup of toxicity for her, would give us chills if it weren’t for our shiver truly coming in during “they are twice as wide,” having that same soft mutterance.

“It might look like pain, but to me, it’s bliss.”

This time, she’s saying that she would be better off with any other drug because, even though they’re still not suitable for her system, she would be less attached and, therefore, not spend as much time being emotional. He’s genuinely affected her, and she’s at a loss for what to do because she doesn’t know how to quit him. Hence, the final drawl on “bliss” ends Shania’s solitary spotlight before they both jump in for the rest of the song. Who are we to pass over the fact that Shania doing the echoing of “(Still gon’)” is a work of art, too? It’s this lower-register call-out that creates the perfect contrast to Anne-Marie’s higher, showcasing our own inner-thought process. Interestingly, Anne-Marie is the only one in the first chorus. 

The production also combines country and pop, creating a quickening pace to represent the love bombing. As for lyrics-wise, as we’ve touched on, family members are mentioned in the pre-choruses. We have her mother and father first, then her sister in the third. While it shows that, though her family has known her for the longest, she believes this man understands her better, it also strengthens this act of rebellion. She’s even gone against those closest to her to be with him. 

On The Unhealthy Club Tour Menu

Which of these ‘UNHEALTHY’ snacks are you eating during a binge-listening session of Anne-Marie’s discography? For us, it always has to be fairy floss, but with how good the new single is, fries may just outshine it. Let us know via our Twitter @thehoneypop, and satisfy your earworm cravings by streaming the track right before her album comes out on July 28. 

‘UNHEALTHY’ isn’t just on our menus but is also a part of an exclusive The Unhealthy Club Tour. It’s not quite an eating establishment, but a place where all of you Ninjas will reside across November in Europe—going from Cardiff on Monday 20th to Birmingham, Manchester, and then London. Put a notification into your phone calendar for this Friday, May 26th, at 9 a.m., when tickets will go on sale through!

And if you’re not quite on the buzzer to do so yet, scroll through our Facebook and Instagram pages for more articles on the singer that’ll surely have you whipping out your bib, ready for a night of mouthwatering performances. 


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