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These Parts Of Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS Have Us Calling Our Therapists!

These Parts Of Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS Have Us Calling Our Therapists!

One thing Olivia Rodrigo knows how to do is write an album. When we were introduced to her during Bizaardvark, her talent was evident. She then showed us even more of said talent as Nini Salazar-Roberts in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and in 2021, she released SOUR. Now, here we are, 2023, and she has us under her spell once again.

In our opinion, GUTS is the perfect mix between Y2K and teenage angst, and we love every minute of it. What better way to tell you about how much we love this album than doing it The Honey POP way? If you’re new to us, what that means is we’re going to tell you our absolute favorite parts of this album. Don’t worry; we’ll try not to list the entire album.

The Scream During ‘all-american b*tch’

‘Forgive and I forget / I know my age, and I act like it / Got what you can’t resist / I’m a perfect all-American b*tch’

You know exactly what scream we’re talking about! Right at the end of the bridge, where Olivia lets out everyone’s teen rage at once? Absolute masterpiece! That scream embodied every emotion we have ever felt. The entire song is fantastic, but something about that build-up just hits different. (Hey Alexa! Play ‘Hits Different’ by Taylor Swift!)

The Bridge Of ‘logical’

‘Argument you held over my head / Brought up the girls you could have instead / Said I was too young, I was too soft / Can’t take a joke, can’t get you off / Oh, why do I do this? / I look so stupid thinkin’ / Two plus two equals five / And I’m the love of your life’

This song is one of the best things we have ever heard in our lives. Our souls were actually stomped on at the first listen. We need to know how she got into our heads because we shouldn’t relate this hard. Olivia, you will be hearing from our lawyers for emotional damages. (But also, keep making music like this!)

‘F*ck It It’s Fine!’

‘Seeing you tonight / It’s a bad idea, right? / Seeing you tonight / F*ck it, it’s fine / Yes, I know that he’s my ex / But can’t two people reconnect? / I only see him as a friend / The biggest lie I ever said’

This single hit us right where we needed it! It gives us the perfect amount of recklessness and chaos that we need in our lives. Now, of course, we’re not telling you to get back with your ex; however, if you’ve already done it, at least you have an absolute banger to live by now! Another win in the Olivia Rodrigo stan column!

The Second Half Of The ‘get him back’ Bridge!

‘Oh, I wanna key his car, I wanna make him lunch / I wanna break his heart, stitch it right back up / I wanna kiss his face with an uppercut / I wanna meet his mom and tell her her son sucks, yeah / I wanna get him back / I wanna make him really jealous, wanna make him feel bad / Oh, I wanna get him back’

The entire GUTS album is one of the most relatable releases this year. We are beyond obsessed with this album! (Did you see what we did there?) Everything about this album is a complete 10/10, especially ‘get him back!’ You can bet that we scream the second part of this bridge every single time. And we have no shame doing it.

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‘Love’s F*cking Embarassing!’

‘It don’t mean a thing / God, love’s f*ckin’ embarrassin’ / Just watch as I crucify myself / For some weird second string / Loser who’s not worth mentioning / My God, love’s embarrassing as h*ll’

So not only do we love the chorus, no no, we’re talking about a specific part. One of the last times in the song where she says that line, her voice hops an octave, and we actually have to hold our breath. Olivia‘s vocals have always been phenomenal, but her high note at this exact moment has us at a loss for words.

It’s no surprise that we here at The Honey POP are obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo and her sophomore album, GUTS. Time and time again, she has proven to us that she is just going to keep slaying the music game. We’re crossing our fingers we’ll be able to get tickets for the GUTS Tour next year!

Have you listened to GUTS yet? Are you obsessed? What are your top three songs? What is your favorite part that we listed? Let us know in the comments below, or you can reach us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We also have a Discord server that you should totally check out!


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