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Matching Songs From GUTS To Each Vinyl Variant To Celebrate The Hidden Tracks.

Matching Songs From GUTS To Each Vinyl Variant To Celebrate The Hidden Tracks.

Olivia Rodrigo

If you’ve been keeping up with all things Olivia Rodrigo since GUTS dropped, then you’ll know the significance of vinyl in this era. Each color variant of GUTS hides a secret song. Yep, you heard us correctly; more Olivia music for our ears! When you spin your GUTS vinyl, you’ll find a hidden track that doesn’t feature on the standard CD or streaming platforms.

So, if your vinyl is collecting dust, we’d recommend letting it play after ‘Teenage Dream’ because (after a bit of waiting) a new song will play. With a total of four hidden tracks on different color variants, there’s plenty to dive into. To help you decide what vinyl to add to your collection, we’re matching songs from the official track list to each color variant.

How To Find The Four Bonus Tracks

POV: you gather all your local Olivia fans, frantically checking color variants and taking turns to spin each one so we can hear the hidden tracks. At The Honey POP! we’ve been through it and are here to share the info. The purple pressing of GUTS features the bonus track ‘Girl I’ve always been.’ The white variant features ‘Scared of my guitar,’ and the blue vinyl holds ‘Stranger.’ The red vinyl carries the song ‘Obsessed,’ which also features on the black pressing and Spotify picture disk.

GUTS is already a masterpiece, with insane lyricism and experimental sounds. Discovering the hidden tracks makes it feel like you reread your paycheck only to find another zero at the end! In fact, we’re wondering why these songs didn’t make it onto the main tracklist. Is a deluxe CD on the way?

‘all-american b*tch’ For Red

We’re already ‘Obsessed’ with the meaning that red has in this era. Songs like ‘Vampire’ and ‘Logical’ really emphasize this motif. When it comes to pairing the red variant of GUTS with a track from the album, ‘all-american b*tch’ stands out. Everything about this song literally screams red in the best possible way.

‘lacy’ For White

‘lacy’ wins the crown for white. Olivia’s singing portrays a sense of innocence. The smooth vocals and dreamy melody create a pure, white aura. Depending on your perspective, this song has many different meanings but ultimately acts as the older, more mature sister of ‘jealousy jealousy’ from SOUR. Plus, the imagery of “ribbons in your hair” and “it’s like you’re made of angel dust” pretty much seals the deal, making ‘Lacy’ the perfect song to represent the white vinyl variant.

‘making the bed’ For Purple

Purple is such a significant color in Olivia’s world. It basically defined SOUR and now stands even bolder in GUTS. Given these parallels, we think ‘making the bed’ is the ideal match for the purple variant. This song carries a classic beat with timeless lyrics, similar to the style of songs on her debut album. We know the lyrics will withstand the test of time.

‘vampire’ For Navy

We’re giving the navy variant to ‘vampire,’ and it’s pretty self-explanatory. The midnight blue hues in the ‘vampire’ music video make it a great match. Plus, the lyrics and theme of vampires perfectly capture that late-night, midnight feel.

‘pretty isn’t pretty’ For Transparent From Walmart

‘pretty isn’t pretty’ delves into the chase for societal standards. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, but in a world so demanding and superficial, to some, it feels like pretty just “isn’t pretty enough.” Olivia paints this picture of helplessness and the challenges faced by young women in today’s world. We can all relate to it at times; we feel like people are looking right through us. That’s why ‘pretty isn’t pretty’ is a perfect match for the transparent.

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‘love is embarrassing’ For Urban Outfitters Light Pink

This lively, fast-paced track gives off the same bubbly energy of the light pink of the UO-exclusive GUTS variant. While love and pink are usually the perfect match, the slight feelings of annoyance and playfulness of this track make it lean to the lighter shade.

Differences Between The Album Artwork On Vinyl

So, we’ve uncovered the secrets of the color variants and had fun choosing official songs to represent each color pressing. But we feel there is more to come. Everyone has noticed that each color of vinyl from Olivia’s web store has different album artwork. While the difference lies in what letter of Olivia’s ring is bejeweled, it has left us racking our brains for the next hidden message.

The floor is now yours. What color variant would you create for the rest of the songs on GUTS? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @thehoneypop! You can also let us know over on Facebook and Instagram.


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