The Love We Feel For Roosevelt’s New Single, ‘Ordinary Love,’ Is Definitely Not Ordinary

Roosevelt, the king of synth-pop melodies, is back with a brand-new single, ‘Ordinary Love,’ that will leave you completely entranced! After recently signing with the label Counter Records/Ninja Tune, he dropped this banger and set the music world ablaze! Before giving it a listen, make sure to prepare yourself for the surreal and mesmerizing melodies that will dance through your speakers the second you hit that play button!

The starting notes of the song almost create a lasso that wraps itself around your soul and drags you in. With a synth and reverberated guitar, we are hit with a sound resembling a siren that calls you and grabs all your attention. There is no doubt that Roosevelt knows what he is doing when it comes to music, and ‘Ordinary Love’ is a true testament to this statement. With a clear understanding of musicality, Roosevelt is able to take his incredible music to the next level. With the intertwining guitar, percussion, and bassline swirling together so seamlessly, it’s impossible to ignore his talent!

“I worked on a demo that I initially called ‘Wall Of Sound’, putting a ton of synth layers together – I wanted to create some kind of urgency, that resembles the euphoria of a new love, with all its bliss, but also the uncertainty that comes with it. The idea of the sound of the sirens, that are played on a vintage Prophet 5, came when I wanted to create an underlying feeling of instability. It worked out as a great contrast to the melodic chords, as there’s always a slight disharmony going on throughout the track.”

Roosevelt on the creation of ‘Ordinary Love.’

As stated by Roosevelt himself, lyrically, the song discusses the emotions and feelings that spark with the forming of a new, undiscovered love. Though a new love can be thrilling, riveting, and exciting, it is too packed with uncertainty and anticipation. The title itself speaks tons and is simply expanded within the lyrics.

The lyrics are kept fairly simple throughout the song, capturing only the necessary words to get his message across. This simplistic writing method is so rarely done right, but Roosevelt took the challenge head-on and perfected it without any struggle! The perfect metaphorical love letter is given in the form of an electrifying and enthralling track that will be stuck with you for days. And we are not complaining.

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Alright, now that we have blabbered on about the beauty of ‘Ordinary Love,’ we want to hear from you! Are you just as in love with the track as we are? Do you feel drawn to it, too? If you haven’t listened to it yet, now is the time because we need you to tell us we’re not the only ones going crazy … please … by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or by buzzing on over to our Facebook and Instagram!


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