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30 5 Seconds Of Summer Lyrics To Use For Your Graduation Cap

30 5 Seconds Of Summer Lyrics To Use For Your Graduation Cap

It’s that time of the year, folks. That’s right, as of right now, we’re gearing up for graduation day! Before we go any further, we would like to say a big congratulations to everyone who is graduating this year! Well done, you should be extremely proud of yourselves! What you may or may not know is that with graduation comes a greater responsibility; choosing what you are going to put on your graduation cap. Breathe, we know it seems stressful because you only get one graduation day like this and you have to have the perfect cap, but you need not worry so much. We have got you covered! In this article, we are going to be dropping some 5 Second Of Summer lyrics that are absolutely perfect for putting on your grad cap.

If you are already a 5 Seconds Of Summer stan, you may be super excited to read through this list! We know how meaningful their songs can be to us stans, so using one of their lyrics would be a fantastic idea for you! If you are not a 5SOS stan (you should fix that), these lyrics can still work for you too, so do not fear, dear student. Choosing something to put on your cap takes a lot of work, but lucky for you, 5 Seconds Of Summer are incredible lyricists and have got you covered.

We know you are running on borrowed time, so we will stop wasting it. Here are 30 lyrics that deserve to be on your grad cap:

From 5 Seconds Of Summer:

“We’ll never be as young as we are now.”
— Lyrics from the song ‘Never Be.’

“How did we end up here?”
— Lyrics from the song ‘End Up Here.’

This last one is for all of you who absolutely hated your school experience. We are very sorry but also proud of you for pushing through!
“Wish that I could wake up with amnesia.”
— Lyrics from ‘Amnesia.’

From Sounds Good, Feels Good:

“Making plans to rule the world.”
— Lyrics from ‘San Fransisco.’

“Destination, permanent vacation.”
— Lyrics from ‘Permanent Vacation.’

“One foot in the golden life.”
— Lyrics from ‘Outer Space / Carry On.’

“Close the chapter.”
— Lyrics from ‘Castaway.’

“Memories I can’t erase.”
— Lyrics from ‘Fly Away.”

“Taking off like fire in the wind.”
— Lyrics from ‘Fly Away.”

“Runnin’ to the edge of the world.”
— Lyrics from ‘Safety Pin.’

“We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene.”
— Lyrics from ‘She’s Kinda Hot.’

From Youngblood

“Moving along.”
— Lyrics from ‘Moving Along.’

“If I can dream long enough.”
— Lyrics from ‘Ghost Of You.’

“Away and away we go.”
— Lyrics from ‘Empty Wallets.’

“Living our lives.”
— Lyrics from ‘Empty Wallets.’

“All the things that we dream about.”
— Lyrics from ‘More.’

From Calm:

“Shout out to the old me.”
— Lyrics from ‘Old Me.’

“Best years.”
— Lyrics from ‘Best Years.’

“The future is better than yesterday.”
— Lyrics from ‘Best Years.’

— Lyric from ‘Wildflower’

“Leave all your fears at the edge of the world.”
— Lyrics from ‘Red Desert.’

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From 5SOS5

“I know my life has just begun.”
— Lyrics from ‘Bloodhound.’

“I got the best friends in this place.”
— Lyrics from ‘Best Friends’

“I’m feeling like a dreamer.”
— Lyrics from ‘Carousel.’

“Just wanna feel alive.”
— Lyrics from ‘TEARS!’

“Coloring out of the lines now.”
— Lyrics from ‘Caramel.’

All The B-Sides

“This is my independence day.”
— Lyrics from ‘Independence Day.’

“Tomorrow never dies.”
— Lyrics from ‘Tomorrow Never Dies.’

“New beginnings.”
— Lyrics from ‘Story of Another Us.’

“Back at school, they all, thought I was an outcast.”
— Lyrics from ‘Rejects.’

There you have it, 30 5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics that would be perfect to use on your graduation cap! Think we left out any other good ones? Let us and our fellow graduates know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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