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Dua Lipa Upgrades our TBR List With The Service95 Book Club

Dua Lipa Upgrades our TBR List With The Service95 Book Club

Everyone knows the global pop icon Dua Lipa, but did you know she’s also a big fan of books? This fact won’t surprise fans who have seen her give a keynote speech about her lifelong love of reading at the 2022 Booker Prize Ceremony. This got us wondering: which books does Dua love? and would we love them too? With everything we already adore about Dua, we’re eager to explore her taste in literature. And lucky for us, this question won’t remain unanswered for long. Dua is now providing us with an escape through her music and book recommendations.

That’s right, Dua Lipa has us covered with The Service95 Book Club. As a member, you get to read a book handpicked by Dua herself each month! We couldn’t be more thrilled because our TBR list needed some new additions. And, that only prompted more thinking. Here are 3 things we hope to see across Dua’s recommendations in The Servicee95 Book Club.


As we eagerly anticipate the launch of this book club, we’ve been promised recommendations that showcase diverse global voices. Dua Lipa is already actively sharing her favorite picks on social media. If we deep dive for a second, we can already see this theme’s prominence. For instance, one of Dua’s previous picks Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams explores the motif of black hair and the struggles of being British-Jamacian. We would love to see books recommended that are educational and provocative in challenging stereotypes. Perhaps even some that represent her own culture!

Realistic Fiction

As a strong woman, we already predict getting books with strong individual characters. However, rather than superheroes and villains, we’re expecting characters who show an air of humanism and are flawed. We’re looking forward to exploring some raw truth behind the human experience, so some realistic fiction may be on the recommendation lineup. Realistic fiction is known for covering a range of topics, similar to her own musical discography. We’d love to see stories that explore the struggles of ordinary people that are relatable and insightful in ways that allow us as fans to connect with Dua through literature.

Female Empowerment

Dua Lipa is the embodiment of female empowerment, and we’re eager to see if the book club will feature titles that merge social commentary with the female experience. Looking back on Dua’s social media, we noticed she has previously recommended Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino. This book is a collection of essays that delve into female celebrities and internet culture. Specifically, this piece critiques how individuals in the spotlight are portrayed and examine the performative aspect of owning social media. We believe these types of thought-provoking books are essential. The Service95 Book Club is the perfect platform for Dua to use literature to share her experiences with readers. We’re hopeful this book club will introduce us to more titles that offer societal criticism and provide insights into the female experience.

The Service95 Book Club

The Service95 Book Club is everything you need to live your best life this summer. And, there’s more to be excited about! Readers in the book club will be offered discussion guides, author Q&As, and reading lists. Readers will also get to tour the books that have shaped authors, activists, and artists’ lives with the ‘Stories of My Life’ series feature. This exciting new venture is kicking off with Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart where Dua will speak with the prestigious author for an episode of her podcast Dua Lipa: At Your Service. You can sign up to The Service95 Book Club here

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Dua Lipa commented “The true magic of a great book comes alive with sharing the experience” and we can’t wait! Are there any books you’d recommend to Dua Lipa? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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