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Your Guide To Luke Hemmings: A Fandom FAQ

Your Guide To Luke Hemmings: A Fandom FAQ

You’re here! You’re at the starting line! Welcome to the wonderful world of Luke Hemmings, the front man of our beloved Aussie band 5 Seconds Of Summer.

You may be wondering why we are doing a fandom guide to Luke Hemmings as a solo artist and not a guide to 5SOS as a whole. You also may be freaking out, thinking that the band has split up. Before you spiral, let us tell you that no, the band has not split up. In fact, the band has just ended their Take My Hand World Tour, and has blessed us with the release of a new album, 5SOS5! The boys also have two festival performances coming up (get tickets here) and have reassured us that they will be touring 5SOS5.

Now that you are breathing again, let us continue with our explanation: Luke has his very own solo album! When Facing The Things We Turn Away From was a solo album released by Luke and has nothing to do with the band. With that in mind, we thought we would give you more of an insight into Luke on his own, allowing you to appreciate his solo work just as much as his work in the band! So, be sure to keep an open mind and “stay for a while” as we explore all things Luke Hemmings!

An Introduction To Luke Hemmings:

When was Luke Hemmings born?

Luke Robert Hemmings was born on the 16th of July 1996, in Sydney, Australia. 

Family Life:

Luke and his two older brothers, Ben and Jack, were born and raised by their mother and father Liz and Andrew Hemmings.

Back in 2021, Luke came to social media to announce that he had proposed to his now-fiancé Sierra Deaton earlier in the year! June 8th, 2021 was quite the… “emotional blender” for all of us in the 5SOSFam. Since then, they have unfortunately not given any further information on wedding plans.

Unless you count Luke’s TikTok video slip-up when he told the world that he and Sierra were already married…

When and how did Luke Hemmings debut?

Luke started pursuing a music career when he was only 14 years young. He took it upon himself to create a YouTube channel under the username “hemmo1996,” where he began posting covers!

His first video was posted on February 3rd, 2011 in which he sang a cover of Mike Posner’s ‘Please Don’t Go.’ His covers quickly gained popularity and he struck us all when he posted a cover video that featured Calum Hood and Michael Clifford. The three began posting covers as a group, giving us loads of wonderful content! It wasn’t long after that when we saw another member, Ashton Irwin, join the boys.

This was a pivotal moment for the boys as it changed the trio from a group of school friends who were “just jamming” into an actual band. Now, with lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Luke Hemmings, lead guitarist, Michael Clifford, bassist, Calum Hood, and drummer, Ashton Irwin, the boys became 5 Seconds Of Summer!

Luke Hemmings’ solo career:

In 2019, the world was hit with the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, and everything was pretty much sent into complete shambles. Due to the lack of knowledge on the virus and how much uncertainty surrounded immunity, we were all sent into quarantine in 2020, in which everyone had to stay in their homes aside from necessary outings like grocery runs.

During this quarantine period, Luke decided to continue creating music all on his own without his bandmates. The album started as a small project during quarantine, but after the lockdown came to an end, Luke decided to continue working on it. Working alongside co-writer and producer Sammy Writte, the album was given the title When Facing The Things We Turn Away From and finally released on August 13th, 2021 under Sony Australia.

The album came with 4 singles: ‘Starting Line,’ ‘Motion,’ ‘Place in me,’ and  ‘Baby Blue.’

Luke stated that the project grew out of a year of enforced stillness and described it as a musical reflection of his personal life as well as his work life spent with his band, 5 Seconds Of Summer.

The process for this album genuinely happened by accident. When the world shut down last year, I had a lot of time to reflect on my youth and the person I had been, who I’ve become and who I wanted to be. It just so happens that the best way for me to face those things and process my thoughts is by writing songs.”

Luke Hemmings via Apple Music

When Facing The Things We Turn Away From (WFTTWTAF) peaked at #124 in the Billboard 200 Chart on August 28, 2021!

Luke Hemmings Lore:

What are “Hemmo Hops”?

The “Hemmo hops” refers to Luke’s little dance he does when performing! It’s a simple concept and probably one of the most adorable things we have ever laid our eyes upon.

You may have seen other artists have iconic moves, for example Harry’s ‘Satellite’ tippy taps, or Liam’s mic flip. Well, the Hemmo Hops belong to Luke Hemmings himself!

Have a look at our little bouncy boy:

Credit: Kayla Koton

Ugh, isn’t it just adorable?! 

Luke’s identity crisis:

Since a young age, Luke and his bandmates have been traveling the globe and have spent time living in different countries all over the world. Consequently, their Australian accents have faded and changed drastically. A lot of people struggle to identify where their accents belong, trying to figure out if the boys are American, British, or Australian. The funny thing is that this isn’t a struggle that only belongs to fans – it belongs to Luke, too.

Luke’s little identity crisis is a very common occurrence. His sentences often consist of words that are jumbled up with various accents. It is with this that we hear the phrase “I don’t know who I am” come from him all the time.

The phrase first occurred during the 5SOS Cocktail Chats YouTube video series, in which they got very drunk and talked about their album Youngblood. While talking about their song ‘Why Won’t You Love Me,’ Luke tried his very hardest to pronounce the word “glass” correctly. After struggling for a while, he came to the sad conclusion that he doesn’t know who he is. Ever since then, Luke’s identity crisis has become a big part of Luke and a big joke through the band and fandom combined.

Who is Petunia?

Petunia is Luke’s very beloved dog. Petunia is chubby and absolutely adorable, that’s all we have to say on the matter.


Luke Hemmings 🤝 The Sims:

Back in 2018, 5 seconds Of Summer’s hit song, ‘Want You Back,’ was selected to be a song used in the game The Sims! One would expect the band to be over the moon about this opportunity, and march into the studio with big, bright smiles, excited to transform their wonderful song into a version that could be used in The Sims. In other words, the boys would have needed to recreate the song in Simlish (the language used in The Sims.)

Funnily enough, this did not occur. No, no. Michael, Calum, and Ashton decided that it would be best to leave Luke alone in the studio to create the song all on his lonesome. So, there Luke stood in the middle of the recording studio, all alone, trying to navigate the perfect Simlish song without any help or support from his fellow bandmates.

Connect With Luke Hemmings:

Luke’s official social media links:

Instagramlukehemmings, 5SOS

TikTok: lukehemmings, 5SOS

TwitterLuke5SOS, 5SOS

YoutubeLukeHemmings, 5SOS

Twitter update accounts:

These accounts are fan accounts that keep all of us updated on all things Luke Hemmings and 5 Seconds Of Summer. From interviews to unseen pictures, these accounts provide us with all of the information, making sure we never miss a beat!

It is important to note that although we do get updates on Luke, the following accounts are dedicated to the band 5 Seconds of Summer and its members. This means that while we do get updates on Luke, we also get updates on the band and the three other members in it.

There are of course many other update accounts, this is just a small helpful list.





Gallery_lrh (This account is solely dedicated to keeping us in the loop with all things Luke Hemmings, focusing on him and him alone.)

Inside The Fandom:


There isn’t much to say on this topic. It’s simply just a nickname given to Luke. He is tall— “6’2 at best” —and lanky, and therefore he is described as a bread stick. Don’t believe us? Do yourself a favor and look up the phrase “tall breadstick,” and surprise, surprise, images of our beloved breadstick, Luke Hemmings, will appear.

Why does everyone talk about Lip Ring Luke? What is that?

See Also

Lip Ring Luke is referring to the era in which Luke wore a lip ring. Yes. You read that correctly. A frickin’ lip ring. Why do we always speak about it? Well, simply because it is so iconic of him and it is simply one of his top shmexiest eras ever. Like, c’mon! Look. At. Him. God, he makes us go feral.


Sadly, lip ring Luke is no longer with us, but forever in our hearts. 

The importance of the “Wife” lyric.

The only way to understand why this lyric is so important is by watching a video in which Luke sings the lyric “sometimes when I look at you I see my wife” from the 5SOS song ‘Teeth’ live. Look here:

Wanna see another video? We know you do. Here, have this:

Do you get it now? Do you understand why we simply fall to the floor every time we hear it? Do you now know why we combust at the one word. Yeah, as you should.

Luke’s adlibs to the 5SOS song ‘More.’

During the 5SOS Cocktail Chats video series on YouTube, Luke attempted to sing the lyrics to one of our favorite songs: ‘More.’ He drunkenly sang the lines: “Why can’t we choose our emotion? ‘Cause we could feel something’s broken.”

Now, here’s the important part: between the two lines, Luke added his own little adlibs, and forever changed the course of humanity. From that moment onwards, we fans only sing the song with his adlibs. Like this:

“Why can’t we choose our emotion? Why can’t we choose ’em? ‘Cause we could feel something’s broken. My heart!

Okay, here is a list of inside jokes and important quotes that we can’t quite explain because Luke is literally a walking meme but we are just gonna put it here anyway:

“You’re never gonna make it.”

Steve Harvey: “If you’re dating more than one woman, you should be really careful of what?”
Luke: “Committing.”

*Calum wears a shirt that has the words “the sensation” on it*
Luke: “The sensation, the bodacious, the Calummmmm Hoooood!”

Luke Hemmings Host Mode: “So, tell me what ‘Want You Back’ is about.
Ashton Irwin: “It’s about wanting someone back.”
Luke Hemmings: “It’s about this fake betch.”

“It sounds a bit loud for an acoustic set, Calum.”

“But is it balsamic?”

“Band sanitizer.”

“Don’t get between me and my tequila.”

“So we pick up an acoustic.”
*proceeds to play ‘Lover Of Mine’ which starts off with a piano*

And now here is a guide to 5SOS quotes that will help you understand what these important Luke quotes mean, while also learning about other 5SOS quotes because you should also be a 5SOS stan, and if you aren’t a 5SOS stan, then you’re living wrong and you should become one. Right now. 🙂

You’ve made it to the end! You have finished the race, unlike Luke who sadly missed the gun at the starting line. We hope that this guide gave you everything you were looking for! From the basics to the fandom jokes, we hope it all makes a lot more sense to you! Still slightly nervous? Well, “it’s nice to feel something,” isn’t it?

All jokes aside, we wouldn’t want you to be nervous about driving into Luke’s lane! So, if you have any more questions, be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop so that we can help you out, or hemmo hop on over to our Facebook and Instagram!


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