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Catie Turner’s ‘Hometown’ Is An Anthem Your Playlist Needs

Catie Turner’s ‘Hometown’ Is An Anthem Your Playlist Needs

Have you ever felt unsafe and anxious in a place where you’re supposed to feel nothing other than content and free? Ever wish that you could live life without worrying about running into people from your past that are detrimental to your sanity? If you have, then we’re here to tell you that you are not alone. Unfortunately, many people feel suffocated by their environment and just want to leave or stay hidden in their rooms because they don’t know what else to do. If that doesn’t give you any reassurance, then Catie Turner is here to give you all of the reassurance you are missing with her new single ‘Hometown.’ A song that hurts so good because everything is better when it’s put into a song.

If you’re looking for a new track to add to your sad girl hours playlist, or even a new song to just scream your lungs out to, ‘Hometown’ is the one for you. Not only is it relatable as hell, but it’s a musical masterpiece. From haunting melodies to a bursting chorus, it’s clear to see that Catie Turner has a strong understanding of the way in which music can elicit something from deep inside us that we didn’t even know what there to begin with. Catie has such a rare and beautiful talent and we are so grateful that she has used it for good and given us the music we need.

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In a nutshell, ‘Hometown’ is a reflection on Catie’s past, with a focus on where she grew up and the insecurities that taint the memories of her youth, as well as the time spent there. Lyrically, Catie sings of an environment that was riddled with toxicity and a fake sense of safety. Being the storyteller that she is, the lyrics in ‘Hometown’ move seamlessly through time and go through to motions of painting a vivid image. From people and relationships to the neighborhood itself, Catie Turner takes us on a heartwrenching trip through her youth.

Catie touches on a past failed relationship. She describes her ex without feeling the need to hide all of his red flags and explains that after all this time, she finally understands that nothing about him was good.

I’m not sorry that I loved you / I’m only sorry that I saw something good

‘Hometown’ begins with a hauntingly sweet melody that immediately transports us to a time that should have been filled with innocence. The gentle piano sets the tone, creating a delicate atmosphere that well complements Catie’s soft, gentle, and emotive vocals. As we reach the chorus we are no longer haunted by the piano, rather we are almost liberated by a burst of instrumentation. A heavy drum beat, fast, muted guitar, and heartwrenching bass complement the entire lyrical message given. 

As we travel to the song, the instrumental aspect picks up. It goes from the somber piano to a more intense backing track filled with more prominent beats to push forward each lyric. Each note and each beat behind the lyrical aspect of any song is almost more important than the lyrics themselves. It’s clear to see that Catie Turner has a deep understanding of this idea as she effortlessly creates a musical element that brings us to our knees and pulls on our heartstrings.

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One listens to ‘Hometown’ and we are immediately falling in love with Catie Turner and all of her musical genius. If you haven’t taken a deep dive into her discography, we couldn’t recommend that you do that enough. We swear you won’t be disappointed!

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