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Exclusive Interview: Becca Bowen On ‘Son Of A Gun’ And Being ‘Country Barbie’

Exclusive Interview: Becca Bowen On ‘Son Of A Gun’ And Being ‘Country Barbie’

In the latest edition of our exclusive interviews, we chat with ‘Son Of A Gun’ Country singer-songwriter Becca Bowen! Son Of A Gun’ has a feisty attitude and iconic story behind it, so we’re so excited to share this with you. Following the success of her viral track, it was amazing to hear Becca’s thoughts on her place in the industry right now, as well as what makes her shine!

You can read all this and more, including Becca Bowen’s Barbie-core style inspo right here!

We love the attitude in ‘Son Of A Gun,’ and we love that you were able to turn such a frustrating experience into art! You’ve said that the track just came about naturally because you were feeling all these emotions – was it a really quick creative process?
From start to finish this song took about an hour to write. I had just ended a phone conversation with my ex and I was feeling a lot of emotion. I happened to be walking into a co-write with Sam Woods and the rest is history!

You’ve mentioned previously that you gave the ex who this song is about a heads up that you were releasing it. What was his reaction when he heard ‘Son Of A Gun?’
I never had any intentions of releasing this song. It was just a healing process for me when it was written. Sam and I started playing it at writers rounds in Nashville and it quickly became a fan favorite. We started getting requests to release it so I wanted to give my ex, who is now one of my good friends, a heads up. I knew my hometown would put two and two together so I felt the need to let him hear it first. When he heard it he said “Well you nailed that one. I’m not mad at you”. He was shocked but was ok with me writing about the situation.

What has it meant to you to see the song get so much traction? What have fans’ responses been like?
A lot of people have been able to relate to the song. The story has intrigued people. I think because it’s hard to comprehend how we could remain friends after the fact but it took awhile for me to show forgiveness. Listeners were surprised by the events that took place and how the song came to be. ‘Son Of A Gun’ has changed my music career for sure. It’s been quite the ride. I never could have imagined the success it would have had. I feel blessed!

We’ve heard that there’s a music video out for the song! Can you give us a hint of what to expect? What else can we look forward to coming up?
This video is definitely wild. Everyone has been wanting to know who the mystery man that cheated on me is. I reveal him at the end of this video. My ex agreed to do a cameo. I still can’t believe we pulled this off. Jonah Prill played the ‘Son Of A Gun’ in my video. He was absolutely perfect for the part. It was so much fun to make because I was given the opportunity to tell the story behind the song. With my ex being there as well for a few scenes I had to give him a hard time but it was all in good fun. We are at that point now that we can move past what happened and have a friendship.

Since finishing up the music video I am now in the studio working on new music. I am excited to put more songs out that I have written. I am traveling, doing shows as well and having an amazing time getting to know my fans.

You have such a distinctive style and we couldn’t be more obsessed! As the ultimate ‘Country Barbie,’ who are your style icons, other than Barbie herself?
I’ve always been a Country girl. Growing up loving the outdoors definitely has influenced my style. Being in the woods hunting or on the lake fishing I got used to wearing camo or tank tops, cut offs and ball caps. Growing up I also participated in pageants and wore rhinestones, dresses and high heels so my style is always a little country and a lot glam. I would say my style icon isn’t anyone in particular but I gravitate toward people who express themselves through their style.

You’re great at bringing the classic Country vibes with songs like ‘Son Of A Gun,’ but you also have plenty of more Pop-leaning songs, like ‘Glitter.’ Who are your musical inspirations in each of these spaces?
Shania Twain is the queen of Country-Pop and I have always loved her music. I definitely have been influenced by her but also George Strait, Reba, Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks.

Speaking of ‘Glitter,’ we love that so many of your songs are so empowering! What message would you like to give your fans who are facing some of the issues you mention in the song?
I just want people to know that it’s ok to be who you are. Don’t try to be anyone else. Being unique is amazing. If we all were the same it would be a boring world. I put out empowering songs because I want us all to have an anthem of confidence. Be you and be happy!

What do you think gives you your own “shimmer?”
I think what makes me shine is that I try to live every day to the fullest. I want those around me to know they are loved and that they matter. The most important thing I can do is put a smile on someone’s face. We never know what someone may be going through. Show kindness and love. Spread love like butter on a biscuit!

You released your debut album, Like You’ve Never Been Loved, back in November! How have things changed for you in the last 6 months since then? What has the experience of releasing a full project been like?
Things have changed a lot in my career. Because of the success of the album and now ‘Son Of A Gun,’ I am able to tour and be the authentic artist I have always wanted to be. I found my place in the industry since the release and it’s a great feeling.

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You worked with some incredible artists on the album too, like Rebecca Lynn Howard and Lee Brice. Who would you love to work with next?
I would love to work with Dolly Parton or Lainey Wilson. That would be an incredible experience.

If a new fan discovers you through ‘Son Of A Gun,’ which song from Like You’ve Never Been Loved would you recommend they listen to first?
If you love ‘Son Of A Gun’ you will love a lot of tunes on my album. I would recommend listening to ‘Love It, Leave It’ first and after that some of my favorites are ‘Home,’ ‘Boy,’ ‘Gunshots or Fireworks’ and ‘How It All Went Down.’

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us Becca!

What did you think of our exclusive interview with Becca Bowen? What are your thoughts on ‘Son Of A Gun?’ We wanna hear all about ‘How It All Went Down’ in the comments below. Or you can also hit us up on TwitterFacebook , and Instagram!

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