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Three CIX Tracks You Need To Listen To If You Love ‘Save Me, Kill Me’

Three CIX Tracks You Need To Listen To If You Love ‘Save Me, Kill Me’

CIX might be singing ‘Save Me, Kill Me,’ but they just saved us with their new mini album. OK Episode 2: I’m OK just dropped, and CIX have wrapped up their OK series with a pretty big finale.

The title track is ‘Save Me, Kill Me,‘ which is not-so-coincidentally the same name as their World Tour that we’re still not emotionally recovered from. The song is so turbulent and sorrowful. It’s rife with so much heartache that it feels like it’s your heart that’s broken as you listen, and that’s before you even watch the music video.

Trigger Warning: This music video contains scenes of self-harm, suicide, blood, abuse, grief and mental health issues.

We think this album is different from the albums we released before, and it feels like something overwhelming. Therefore, that’s why the song style is also like that, and we’re looking forward to this promotion because it seems like it will be a promotion where we can grow while showing ourselves in various ways. We hope many people will listen to our album. Please give lots of love to our new title song, ‘Save me, Kill me.’


With how special this title track is, we figure it’s probably going to extend CIX’s reach and bring some lovely new FIXs into the fold! Here at The Honey POP, we love to take baby stans under our wing, so don’t worry! If you love ‘Save Me, Kill Me,’ we’ve got some more CIX songs we reckon you’ll adore too.

‘Bad Dream’

‘Bad Dream’ is one of CIX’s most iconic tracks and eras! It has that perfect blend of intense production whilst never letting the focus slip away from how great CIX’s vocals are. The song has a darkness and turmoil that we think you’ll love if you love ‘Save Me, Kill Me.’


What is any CIX playlist without ‘Jungle’ TBH? Whilst ‘Jungle’ focusses more on temptation and ‘Save Me, Kill Me’ centers around grieving a relationship, the two songs have a lot in common. With lyrics like “trap or love, I have no idea,” ‘Jungle’ relates to those themes of light vs dark too! Plus, we’ll take any excuse to listen to that post-chorus.


CIX brought the vocals on ‘Save Me, Kill Me,’ so it’s only natural that we would recommend one of their very best ballads! This is a lot sweeter than the iteration of CIX we got in this era, but the contrast just makes us love both versions even more. Get you a group who can do both, we guess!

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What are your thoughts on CIX’s ‘Save Me, Kill Me?’ Got a favorite track on OK Episode 2: I’m OK? Tell us everything in the comments below! Or you can also find us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram!

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