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Lana Del Rey Stage Outfits On Our Yes-list To Celebrate The ‘Yes To Heaven’ Release

Lana Del Rey Stage Outfits On Our Yes-list To Celebrate The ‘Yes To Heaven’ Release

Lana Del Rey just released ‘Yes To Heaven,’ and no, this is not heaven; this is real life! In case you aren’t aware, we need to share the story of this song. ‘Yes To Heaven’ was originally written in 2012 with Rick Nowels, and after an initial leak, it quickly became a fan favorite. Fast forward to over a decade later, and fans finally have a full version straight from the studio to enjoy. In fact, the entire world is enjoying it – it’s going viral on TikTok thanks to the release of the sped-up version.

‘Yes To Heaven’

The ethereal melody and Lana’s stripped-back vocals create a captivating contrast to her orchestral 2012 releases. This only shows how timeless and versatile her music is. Lana’s velvety voice on ‘Yes To Heaven’ glides effortlessly over the cinematic and dreamy instrumentals. At The Honey POP, we noticed the nod to her hit ‘Summertime Sadness’ with the mention of the iconic red dress…

This sparked a very serious thought about some outfits Lana has worn that we’re giving a big yes to. So, we got to searching, and in a rabbit hole of Lana’s live show videos, here are four outfits on our yes-list.

The Yes-list

When it comes to Lana Del Rey’s stage outfits, there’s one in particular we’re wholeheartedly saying yes to. With its square neckline, puffy shoulders, and sleeves, we adore the swinging sixties inspiration of this piece. Lana radiates a perfect summer vibe and this showcases her natural beauty. The vibrant orange perfectly captures the essence of the season. It’s safe to say this outfit is a massive yes in every way possible.

When it comes to grabbing attention, Lana Del Rey knows how to do it through music and style. Her all-black fit is a masterclass when it comes to textures. The combination of a simple back top, paired with a black leather skirt and knee-high boots, exudes an edgy vibe that we can’t look away from. And to top it all off, Lana’s iconic 60s-inspired beehive hairdo adds a touch of the classic flair that’s unmistakably her. It’s an extremely modern look and one for the history books we’re always saying yes to.

Forget the notion of ‘grandma core’ because Lana Del Rey is here to prove that crochet and ruffles are cool! She effortlessly embraces the dreamy aesthetic with this white maxi dress. The ruffles exude a sense of royalty, perfectly aligning with the fact that she is a queen in the music industry. It takes a special kind of presence to pull off such a fit, and Lana Del Rey does it with grace and charm. It’s a very unique look made slightly sporty with her trainers, which is why it’s scoring a place on the yes-list.


pov: ur barricade for a lana del rey show #lanadelrey #concert #pov

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A little black dress is a universally loved fashion staple, and Lana Del Rey flawlessly pulls it off. She effortlessly combines the timeless elegance of this dress with a fun pop of color on her iconic winged eyeliner – a big yes from us! The short sleeves, coupled with shimmering material, create a stunning visual effect that adds a touch of ethereal beauty. Not only does she looks breathtaking, but she also looks incredibly comfortable. We love a queen who embraces style and comfort.

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Upcoming Live Shows

If you’re looking for more stage outfits to say yes to, we know where you’ll find them! You can catch Lana Del Rey at Newport Folk Festival on July 30th in Newport, Rhode Island. And she will be making appearances in the UK this summer as she is set to perform at Glastonbury Festival on June 24th and BST Hyde Park on July 9th!

Which Lana Del Rey outfits are on your yes-list? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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