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5 Songs By Lana Del Rey Your Playlist Needs

5 Songs By Lana Del Rey Your Playlist Needs

As the sun gets brighter and days get warmer, Lana Del Rey’s songs truly embody this time of year. While she serves us with classic Hollywood glamour in her music, Lana truly shows us a golden era. After all, she is well known for her poetic songwriting skills. From tragic romance to pop culture references- she’s got a song for every vibe. It was tough to decide on our top songs by Lana Del Rey, they are all so good!

Unfortunately for us, but good for you, we narrowed it down. If you are missing some songs on your playlist this season, look no further, here are five songs by Lana Del Rey, that we at The Honey POP recommend!


From her latest album Blue Banisters, ‘Arcadia’ is one of those songs to listen to with the windows down will driving or like Lana here- blissfully dancing alone. Her music video – which she directed- illustrates her elegiac lyrics about leaving. Don’t worry, she’s not leaving us.

‘Wildflower Wildfire’

With similar melodies to her other songs like ‘Lust for Life’, these lyrics tell us the underlying love she has for her partner by promising to never burn them. Not literally, but you get the gist. All while Lana Del Rey promises them love, *cue the tears*.

‘Not All Who Wander Are Lost’

Can you imagine getting Lana’s name tattooed? We can! We know there are Lana stans out there with not only her name but her face as well, incredible. In this song from her album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, the title is literal in its meaning. ‘Not All Who Wander Are Lost’ is for those who are free kindred spirits and a must Lana song on your playlist.

‘Happiness is a butterfly’

The very first lyric of this song, “Do you want me or do you not” gives us the ultimatum of choosing one or the other, with no in-between. ‘Happiness is a butterfly’ makes us want to play the piano and sing these heartfelt lyrics. We all know Lana’s music is amazing as we have heard some in Hollywood films and even popular shows like Euphoria.

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‘West Coast’

What is a playlist without a classic Lana Del Rey song from her successful album, Ultraviolence? She may have been born and raised in New York, but she tributes a few of her songs to the ‘West Coast’. If you are hitting up the beach- live our dreams and recreate some of these scenes. In the meantime, be sure to add this bop to your playlist!

Give your music playlist the songs it needs! If you have more suggestions let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @thehoneypop! For more suggestions like these or updates on pop culture, check us out on Instagram and Facebook.


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