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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Lana Del Rey

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Lana Del Rey

With summer officially upon us, we can’t forget to pay tribute to the queen of sad summer anthems herself, Lana Del Rey. Beyond just blessing our playlists with hits like ‘Young And Beautiful’ and ‘Summertime Sadness,’ there are many reasons why you should stan Lana Del Rey. From her signature vocals to the way she single-handedly brought flower crowns back, we here at THP can’t get enough of her.

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Her Glow Up

Lana Del Rey’s homemade music video for ‘Video Games’ in 2011 had everyone buzzing. Her montage of mysterious visuals and lofi edits paired perfectly with her breakout single, making us all want to grab our camera and give it a try ourselves. But before that, Lana Del Rey was known as Lizzy Grant, and most of her DIY music videos flew under the radar. Her debut album titled Lana Del Ray received little attention, and her early, self-conscious performances were miles away from the charming songstress we know today. Lana’s quick rise to fame may appear to have happened overnight, but her artistry and confidence were honed over several years.

Her Voice

Lana Del Rey’s velvety vocals are instantly recognizable. With a range spanning more than 3 octaves, she seamlessly glides between lush lower notes and her ethereal upper register. Whether she’s melting our hearts with low verses in ‘Old Money’ or dazzling us with her eerie, high-pitched bridge in ‘Yayo,’ Lana’s emotional intensity shines through in every song she records.

Her Style

From her dreamy aesthetic to her girl-next-door style, Lana Del Rey’s commitment to her brand is paralleled by none. Her video for ‘Born To Die’ inspired countless flower crown purchases, but her artistry and storytelling extend far beyond just her music. Lana’s seamless ability to blend vintage influences and create immersive visual experiences for her fans makes her a style icon of our era, and she did it all without a single bad hair day.

Image Source: Lana Del Rey by Thomas Whiteside for the June 2017 edition of Elle Magazine

Her Evolution

From her haunting ballads to her debut book of poetry, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, Lana Del Rey never fails to show us something new. In 2014, her hour-long album, Ultraviolence, departed from the familiar songwriting structure of her previous singles. With Norman F***ing Rockwell!, she established herself as one of our favorite songwriters, showcasing a new vulnerability and thematic complexity. She’s experimented with genres ranging from trip hop to psychedelic rock, and we can’t wait to see what she tries next.

Her Growth

Lana Del Rey’s famous flop on Saturday Night Live in 2012 baffled critics and fans alike. As the first artist in over 13 years to play on SNL without having released an album, landing this gig was a huge deal. But from the moment she stepped on stage, her stiff renditions of ‘Video Games’ and ‘Blue Jeans’ lacked all the vibrancy of the recorded versions we’ve come to know and love.

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While music reviewers still ridicule her performance years later, the release of her major-label debut, Born To Die, and subsequent albums changed the minds of many. We’re all about second chances, and her success in spite of this mishap proves that even talented people make mistakes.

Do you stan Lana Del Rey as much as we do? Share your favorite song by her with us in the comments or tweet us here @TheHoneyPOP!


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