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6 PVRIS Songs To Get You Hyped Up For EVERGREEN

6 PVRIS Songs To Get You Hyped Up For EVERGREEN

There are so many reasons to be excited about the summer. Warm weather, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous getaways, to name a few. However, there’s one thing that we’re extremely excited for above all else this summer: PVRIS’s new album, EVERGREEN!

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That’s right! Mark your calendars. EVERGREEN arrives on July 14th. That might seem a little too far away, and it is. We want this album blasting in our ears as soon as possible. We’ve had a taste of songs from EVERGREEN so far, which includes ‘GODDESS’ and the newest release, ‘GOOD ENEMY,’ and we are hungry for more. But that’s not fresh news. We always crave a bit of PVRIS in our playlists.

But don’t worry! We got you, honey! We’ve compiled a luscious list of PVRIS songs to keep your ears occupied and get you even more hyped up in wait for the new album.


A dominant, daring song that portrays self-awareness with authentic accuracy. ‘GOOD ENEMY’ is the newest single from the upcoming album. It holds PVRIS’s iconic sound, and the energy of the song springs us right into the action. It captures how we can be our own worst enemy in the most impeccable way.

‘My Way’

This song is pretty funky, and we love it. Another song from PVRIS which features lyrical content that leans toward feminism and empowerment. We can’t help but picture ourselves with our sunglasses on, hands on the steering wheel, driving into the horizon like we own the world, and nothing can stop us. ‘My Way’ or the highway is what we say!

‘Good To Be Alive’

An incredible song about feeling run down with that expectation to still seem fine, be active and continue on as if nothing is wrong. An inward battle with inner demons that torment. But despite it all, it’s still ‘Good To Be Alive.’ This song, featured on PVRIS’s sensational Use Me album released in 2020, is consistently in our playlists.

‘Burn It All Down’

We had to include this iconic collaboration on the list. ‘Burn It All Down’ was the official song for the League of Legends World Championship in 2021. For the unaffiliated, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game created by Riot Games. ‘Burn It All Down’ was released via Riot Games Music. PVRIS’s vocals blend in with this electric pop track beautifully. It’s a track we regularly come back to. It’s such an addictive listen!


A must-have song for any playlist. The drop in the chorus captures us every single time. Our hips are going, our body sways, and we close our eyes to the sweet sound of Lynn Gunn’s perfect vocals. ‘Hallucinations’ is another one of our favorite songs from PVRIS’s Use Me album.


This one has us feeling empowered every single time we listen to it. A true anthem to represent feminine beauty and rage. Released earlier this year, ‘GODDESS’ is another single from the upcoming EVERGREEN album. Whenever we have this anthem blasting in our ears, we feel just as iconic as Lynn Gunn depicts herself in the lyrics. And it’s true. She’s an icon through and through!

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It was so difficult to pick just six songs from PVRIS’s discography. There are so many remarkable songs in there, and these are just a few highlights. EVERGREEN will be blasting in our ears on July 14th, and we cannot wait. It’s going to be a fantastic summer!

Are you excited about EVERGREEN? What’s your favorite PVRIS song? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on FacebookInstagram, and Discord.


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