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Gigi Perez Can Teach You How To Catch A Falling Knife

Gigi Perez Can Teach You How To Catch A Falling Knife

If there’s an artist we refuse to shut up about it, it’s Gigi Perez. Not only are we absolutely obsessed with her new EP How To Catch A Falling Knife, but her personality makes you want to be her best friend. We were lucky enough to get to listen to Gigi talk about her new EP, what it means to her, and how it all came to be.

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There’s a deep layer of authenticity surrounding Gigi at all times. You see it in her songwriting, her dedication, and in how she carries herself daily. Don’t even get us started on how hilarious she is to follow on social media. We love that she embraces vulnerability, especially since we know it used to scare her.

I used to think vulnerability and sharing my emotions meant someone had power over me. And if they knew how I felt they would use it against me. So this entire EP I was so nervous about sharing at one point. Because I viewed vulnerability as a weakness.

Gigi Perez

Being able to embrace the things that once made you feel weak is insanely empowering, but not an easy point to get to. Gigi’s lyricism reflects the work she put in to get where she is in life. Not only as a human being, but as a musician as well. How To Catch A Falling Knife is truly centered around grief. The grief of losing a lover, and losing a sister. The opening track ‘Kill For You’ reflects the stage of a breakup where you are still helplessly in love with your now ex-partner. You’d do anything to get them back. And in the case of this music video, Gigi would literally ‘Kill For You’ if you asked. Like we said, she’s a loyal person through and through.

Hunter Forest Green

You can tell how intimate this EP is for Gigi in so many ways. One of the biggest ones has to be the way she describes it overall. When asked what color this EP would be, Gigi didn’t hesitate to say “hunter forest green.” She then went on to explain that she picked this song because it was her was her ex-lover’s favorite color. “That was the color that really colored the love that I experienced … falling in love it changed the way I saw the color green.” Gigi also said that this EP is truly, “Not a guide but a question.” Since she’s still searching for the answers herself, this release is asking, how do you do it? How do you make it through those dark periods in your life?

Gigi recently wrapped up her run of shows opening up for Noah Cyrus! Personally, that’s a lineup that we will forever kick ourselves for missing. Live performances are super important to Gigi because she feels as if it’s the way she thrives most in getting her story across. Not to mention she’s constantly changing up her arrangements to make the songs and stories feel fresh for her. That’s a deep level of dedication to the craft we can’t help but admire!

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The thing you get with me is that I won’t talk about something that isn’t true. 

Gigi Perez

What’s your current favorite from the How To Catch A Knife EP? Let us know in the comments below! Or you can let us know by sending us a Tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or let us know on Instagram or Facebook!


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