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We’re Forever In Love With The Maine’s, Forever Halloween

We’re Forever In Love With The Maine’s, Forever Halloween

For those of us who absolutely love spooky season, The Maine’s, Forever Halloween album was so aesthetically pleasing. But if you’re not a fan of it, there’s no denying that their 2013 album is an absolute banger. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the lyrical masterpiece that is Forever Halloween, (which includes the B-Sides.)

‘Kennedy Curse’

“Won’t someone just come and take my heart,
set it down in front of moving cars.
I feel nothing at all.”

There’s no wrong way to listen to this song, per se. But, we think that to feel this song properly, you need to lie on your bedroom floor, while you play it on repeat. That’s just us though.

‘Sad Songs’

“I only like the sad songs
(From the rock bands no one knows)
No one gets me like the sad songs
(When I’m lost and I’m all alone)”

This is such a mood. It pretty much sums up how powerful music can be. And, tbh, this is how we feel about The Maine. No one gets us like them.

‘F**Ked up Kids’

“We are alone,
but we’re not lonely.
It’s nothing personal.
We just prefer to do things on our own.”

If you listened to this song as a teenager, whether it be in 2013 or now, it’s pretty relatable. At that phase in your life, you just want to be independent and left alone. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, either.

‘Forever Halloween’

“Ghosts and goblins,
walking down my street.
We’re all monsters,
living in a dream.
So you, be you,
and I’ll be happy.”

We think it’d be “so criminal” 🥁 if we didn’t include the album title track. These are just really deep lyrics. And yes, it is necessary for the song to be 5:26. It’s the last song of the album from The Maine. We wouldn’t expect anything less.

‘Ugly on the Inside’

“You can change your shoes,
rearrange your nose.
But it don’t change the fact that you’re ugly on the inside.”

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We agree. The song goes hard in all aspects. The overall message. Lyrically and sonically. It’s definitely one that you have to sing loudly and finger point to.

Now that you fully remember how much you love this album… The Maine announced that they’ll be doing a Forever Halloween pre-show during 8123 Fest 2024. We’ll absolutely be there!

What are your favorite lyrics from The Maine’s, Forever Halloween? And which ones are you excited to hear live at the Fest pre-show? Let us know on FacebookInstagram, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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