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The Maine’s ‘Cruel Summer’ Is The Vibe Of Our Summer

The Maine’s ‘Cruel Summer’ Is The Vibe Of Our Summer

What is a summer without Taylor Swift covers from your favorite bands? And your favorite emo bands, at that! The Maine are some of our favorite resident Swiftemos, and their new cover of ‘Cruel Summer‘ just sealed that in stone! Whether you’re obsessed with how they slowed it down to highlight John’s vocals or obsessed with anything The Maine touches – this one is a summer hit! And you know what, we can’t help but wonder what other Taylor Swift songs The Maine would absolutely body if they took a swing at it… And you’re right – we should talk about them!

‘Out Of The Woods’ (The Maine’s Version)

There isn’t a better place to begin than with the track about Harry Styles, let’s be honest. ‘Out Of The Woods’ also had a hook that we hear in the back of our heads at least once a day. We can already see The Maine looping that chorus together with powerful guitar riffs and their own synth flair. It’s a must-have! 

‘Maroon’ (The Maine’s Version)

What about this track would The Maine not body? We think they’d keep this one pretty similar sound-wise. We can even already hear John’s vocals as he riffs off the bridge. Add in some guitar riffs from Jared and Kennedy along the way, and swap those synths for Pat on the drums and Garrett’s bass lines? Alright, yeah, we’re absolutely ready to listen to this one now. Can someone tell them to get on it for us? 

‘The Archer’ (The Maine’s Version)

Where do we find the words to describe what ‘The Archer’ (The Maine‘s Version) would do to our psyche? Whether it’s for the lyrical content of this song, the way it makes us feel seen, or the way we can only imagine how they’d y’all-ternative this up – it would absolutely eat. The build in this song is something we trust in The Maine‘s hands as well. And what higher honor is there than that? 

‘no body, no crime (feat. Martin Johnson)’ (The Maine’s Version)

At first glance, you might be thinking: “Wait, who’s Martin Johnson?” You know him best as the vocals behind BOYSLIKEGIRLS. We know for a fact that his vocals paired with John’s in this track would be an absolute game-changer. No one would be the same if this cover dropped, and all of us would be better because of it. Consider us begging because we need this more than we need water to survive. 

‘I Can See You’ (The Maine’s Version)

‘I Can See You’ is easily in our top 3 From The Vault tracks from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). We haven’t been able to go a day without listening to it at least three or four times, honestly. The Maine would take the country flair in this track and bring it into their alternative world to become the ultimate cover. How many times do we have to say please?

What are some Taylor Swift songs you’d want to hear The Maine take a crack at? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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