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5 Things To Know About 5th Gen Million-Seller Debut ZEROBASEONE

5 Things To Know About 5th Gen Million-Seller Debut ZEROBASEONE

ZEROBASEONE is the talk of the town when it comes to K-POP right now. Their official debut this month has captivated the attention of fans worldwide and broke records. After all, they’ve been dubbed the first million-seller debut. So, at The Honey POP!, we’re celebrating this triumph by sharing five essential things you need to know about 5th gen IT boys ZEROBASEONE to get your stan journey ‘In Bloom.’

Setting New Records

In such a short time, ZEROBASEONE is already redefining success in the K-POP industry. Their first album racked up an impressive 1.08 million preorders. And it only took 13 days to reach this insane number! Now, they are officially the first group to become a million-seller before making a release. It’s incredible to see the support from fans and witness the buzz around a new debut. 

Boys Planet

The journey of ZEROBASEONE began on Mnet’s K-POP survival show Boys Planet, which kicked off in February 2023. The pool of talent saw artists from 184 countries, and as watchers voted over weeks to keep their favorite artists in, the nine incredible winners formed ZEROBASEONE.

Debut Album

July 10th marked the official debut of ZEROBASEONE with their first mini album, YOUTH IN THE SHADE. This album featured a versatile lineup of six songs we haven’t stopped listening to. Among them, the title track ‘In Bloom’ defined the group’s emerging identity. The song symbolizes their ongoing journey to blossoming. As fans, we get to see this raw beginning and stand by the boys as they begin their journey to full bloom.

Multi-talented Members

Beyond being incredible singers and performers, the members of ZEROBASEONE have their own unique stories that make us love them even more. Zhang Hao introduces himself as the music genius of the group, and he has every reason to! He used to be a music professor in China and is a pro at the violin. This is just the surface of uncovering his incredible musical talents.

Sung HanBin has an impressive past as a dancer where he’s shared the stage with big names like BTS and Wanna One. And as for Kim JiWoong, he is also a fantastic actor and has had roles in several web dramas, including The Sweet Blood and Roommates of Poongduck 304.

Each member brings their own unique story to the group, and together, they make a pretty unstoppable team. The group is full of all-rounders, and we can’t wait to witness their journeys in the entertainment world.

Debut Stage

A debut stage is often the most daunting for any group, but ZEROBASEONE made it seem easy! The combination of their experience individually and the bond created on Boys Planet for months led to an incredible debut performance. This took place at KCON Japan, and if you haven’t already seen it, we urge you to! It’s full of energy, defined professionalism, stage presence, impressive vocals, and seamless choreography.

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As you’ve probably figured, the entire K-POP industry has eyes on ZEROBASEONE for all the right reasons. Now you’ve got a better understanding of the 5th gen IT boys, we hope your journey to stan is on a path to full bloom. What are your favorite things about ZEROBASEONE? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!

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