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14 Taylor Swift Cover Crossovers Inspired By Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

14 Taylor Swift Cover Crossovers Inspired By Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

This one is for all you emo Swifties out there. (Swemos?) We’re sure you’ve heard by now that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) will feature two collab tracks with Fall Out Boy and Hayley Williams of Paramore. We feel totally normal about it and totally did not at all spend hours screaming to everyone we know about it. In the spirit of two worlds colliding, your THP emo Swifties decided to come together and celebrate what we’re sure will be legendary collaborations. Here’s our official list of songs that we would love to hear Taylor, Paramore, and FOB cover from each other’s discographies! 

‘Feeling Sorry’ (Taylor’s Version)

This is honestly one of the best empowering post-breakup songs. After all, who has the time for feeling sorry over a breakup? Not Paramore, nor Taylor Swift. We just think that Taylor could turn one of our favorite Paramore songs of all time into her own pop masterpiece.

‘Exile’ (Paramore’s Version)

In a sense, this song has similar vibes to Hayley’s solo album, Petals For Armor. With that being said, we know that this would be such an amazing cover. Hearing their version would definitely be a spiritual experience.

‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ (Paramore’s Version)

This one is bittersweet, but hear us out. Unfortunately, Paramore (typically, Hayley specifically) has their share of haters, too. This is why (sorry, we’re done now) we think it would be super impactful, and they’d nail it. It would also be super fun if they kept it upbeat like the original.

‘Miss Missing You’ (Fall Out Boy’s Version)

It’s been said that the lyric, “The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger,” is also a Taylor quote! It’s absolutely one of our favorites from Save Rock And Roll. There’s so much emotion in it, considering it’s about missing the feeling of missing a person. Honestly, Taylor’s probably one of the few artists that could do it justice.

‘The Archer’ (Paramore’s Version)

This song is written for all of our girlies with a personality disorder or extreme trust/abandonment issues. It beautifully depicts the growing anxiety that comes along with trusting someone new, especially when you’ve been burned in the past. ‘The Archer’ is one that we can lean on in moments of crisis, comfort, and when we need to feel seen and heard. We can’t imagine what would happen to us emotionally if we heard Hayley William’s vocals delivering this plea to our eardrums. We can barely survive Taylor’s Version!

‘Karma’ (Fall Out Boy’s Version)

‘Karma’ is the track behind our empowered moments and girl boss thoughts; this one proves that karma really is our boyfriend! Thinking about Patrick Stump hitting those octave lifts in the pre-chorus, “And I keep my side of the tracks clean, you wouldn’t know what I mean,” would change the entire trajectory of our lives. Whether Fall Out Boy makes this a punk rock banger or leans into their pop side, we know they would eat this cover right up!

‘The Last of The Real Ones’ (Taylor’s Version)

You already know that when we say Miss. Swift would absolutely body this; we are thinking of her iconic performance of ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ from The 1989 World Tour. The rock energy that is waiting inside of her to be unleashed would do absolute justice to this track. The pen game is also one beyond worthy of being sung by Taylor. “My head is stripped just like a screw that’s been tightened too many times when I think of you.”

‘Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve’ (Paramore’s Version)

If you recall, Taylor and Hayley have been friends since they were teenagers in Nashville. So not only does Hayley have those country music ties in common with her that give this one the sassy twang we love. But she also witnessed and supported the heartbreak ‘Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve’ is all about. So for those reasons, not to mention how insanely hard it would go, we need Paramore to cover it now

‘All You Had To Do Was Stay’ (Fall Out Boy’s Version)

In the same dying breath that we will beg for a Taylor Swift rock album, we’re going to beg for Fall Out Boy’s cover of this one. We can so see Fall Out Boy giving this one the Infinity on High treatment, and we’d all be better because of it. Fall Out Boy knows how to talk about getting your heart broken by someone who pursued you in the first place. Some would say that they even have a few albums worth all about it.

‘Labyrinth’ (Fall Out Boy’s Version)

Okay, okay, hear us out. Wouldn’t Patrick Stump’s vocals sound absolutely angelic covering ‘Labyrinth?’ We happen to think so. And hearing Fall Out Boy give it the SRAR treatment, perhaps? Or maybe Patrick turning it into a piano performance? There’s an entire segment during the So Much For (Tour) Dust setlist where he plays songs on the piano, and we can totally see ‘Labyrinth’ getting a spot. @ Mr. Stump, we are begging. 

‘Centuries’ (Taylor’s Version)

You will remember me for centuries” feels like the perfect lyrics for Taylor to cover. She’s become a global sensation, and her name is 100% going to be remembered for centuries, so it just fits that she covers a song by a group of legends that will also be remembered for centuries. While, sonically, it might not be what you expected us to pick, it just makes sense the more you think about it. And we’d love to see Taylor’s approach to a more rock n’ roll type of song too!

‘Getaway Car’ (Fall Out Boy’s Version)

In another universe, ‘Getaway Car’ would have been a Fall Out Boy song. We’re sure of it, and we’re dying on that hill simply. We can practically hear Patrick singing this song, and it feels like a glimpse into what their collab on Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) will sound like. The entire “I’m in a getaway car, I left you in a motel bar” section would sound so killer with the Fall Out Boy treatment, and we just know they’d do this song justice. 

‘You First’ (Taylor’s Version)

For $1300, name these besties who sing about karma. Who are: Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams? ‘You First’ would be the perfect song for Taylor to cover because she also knows a thing or two about karma. Whether she sticks to the style and sound of the original track or puts her own Taylor Swift twist on it, it’s something we would love to hear from her. Until then, since Paramore is joining her on tour next year, maybe we’ll get lucky and get a joint performance.

‘Treacherous’ (Paramore’s Version)

‘Treacherous’ is such a gorgeous song, and we just know Paramore would do that justice. It totally fits their vibe, and we can see it fitting in with the This Is Why era. Hayley’s voice is perfect to cover this one, and yet again, we are simply begging to hear it.

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