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4 GAYLE Songs To Get You Hyped For Her Slot On The Eras Tour

4 GAYLE Songs To Get You Hyped For Her Slot On The Eras Tour

Back in October, the THP team got to interview GAYLE about the release of her a study of the human experience project, and one of our questions asked about her dream tour lineup. The first person she named was Taylor Swift, and she must have some incredible manifestation powers because GAYLE is officially hitting the road with Taylor on the Eras Tour this spring! 

No matter what GAYLE performs, we know she’ll absolutely crush it every single night she hits the stage with Taylor. Every track she’s released so far has felt so personal and confessional while also being something lots of people can relate to, which is the perfect balance. But we can’t lie, there are certain songs we’re dying to hear on her setlist! Here are a handful of those songs – if you have tickets, you can use this as a study guide, and if not, you can just appreciate GAYLE’s music with us!

‘everybody hates me’

Of course, we have our fingers crossed to see GAYLE’s latest track, ‘everybody hates me,’ live on the Eras Tour! This grunge-y anthem is all about being confident in yourself and your path in spite of what others might think, and it’s just the kind of attitude we needed lately. From the gritty guitars to the punchy lyrics, there’s seriously nothing we don’t love here. Some of our favorite GAYLE songs are the ones where she flexes a fun middle finger at those who hurt her or those who simply want to see her fail – and ‘everybody hates me’ is her rebellious magnum opus in that department! 

there was a point in my life where i felt like i wasn’t getting respected and everything i was doing was being torn apart. i honestly felt like everybody hated me. instead of drowning in it i felt empowered by it because i realized i didn’t have to do anything for anybody else. because when everyone hates you, you may as well like yourself and do what you want.



If you haven’t listened to GAYLE’s music to help you through a breakup, you’re missing out on such a comforting experience! Especially if you haven’t listened to ‘ALEX’ during a breakup, because this track really hits different. The pop-rock anthem walks us through GAYLE’s relationship and the moments she realized things were falling apart, showcasing her strength and reminding us all that we deserve way more from a partner.

“I’ve gotta tell him that it’s over
We’re past the point of closure…” 

‘kiddie pool’

Speaking of knowing you deserve better, ‘kiddie pool’ is another gorgeous track that explores back-and-forth relationships from an interesting angle, with GAYLE admitting she has a “leave you before you leave me mentality” while also hoping the person she has feelings for will come through. She’s willing to put in the work if they are, so the ball is in their court! It may not be a cheerful pool party song, but we could seriously listen to ‘kiddie pool’ for hours on end and not complain once.

“Hate being needy, need you to need me
Want you to want me without me telling you to…” 


Our Eras Tour GAYLE playlist wouldn’t be complete without the song that kicked off a new chapter of her life! ‘abcdefu’ voiced those choice words we all wish we could yell at our exes and was absolutely inescapable on TikTok, which propelled the song and her career to new heights. Everyone and their mom, and their sister, and maybe even their dog knows this track and it’s what GAYLE deserves. We could totally see this as the closing song of her set, sealing it with a fiery kiss and an energizing crowd sing-along!

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“I was trying to be nice, but nothing’s getting through
So let me spell it out… A, B, C, D, E, F you!”  

Even just thinking about hearing these songs live gets us more excited than ever to see GAYLE take the stage at The Eras Tour! You can learn more about getting tickets right here, then let us know what show we’ll see you at on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Want more GAYLE content while you wait for your concert? We gotchu!


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