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3 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed With ‘Six Feet Under’ by Charlotte Sands

3 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed With ‘Six Feet Under’ by Charlotte Sands

Earlier this year, Charlotte Sands released ‘Alright,’ a powerful song that tugged at our heartstrings and even got us a little teary. This month, we’ve been blessed with ‘Six Feet Under,’ an invigorating track showcasing her immense talent. It’s safe to say that we are obsessed with this song!

“‘Six Feet Under’ is a song about having the impulse to sabotage your own life whenever it feels comfortable and the addictiveness of having highs and lows instead of balance and stability,” Charlotte states about her latest release. “It’s for anyone that finds themself having self-destructive tendencies and constantly struggles with embracing solidity.”

I hope you love this song and I hope it brings you some kind of peace knowing you are not the only person who feels more at ease when surrounded by chaos.

Charlotte Sands

We love this song, and we’re sure it’s already been added to many people’s playlists. It’s definitely on so many of ours! But why does this track have us so obsessed? Here are three reasons why.

The Lyrics Are Relatable

Charlotte Sands is a lyrical genius. She’s capable of writing songs from a first-person perspective and capturing how so many people feel. This song is no different.

“And I’m fighting with the mirror when I thought that we were friends / I wanna disappear but then I’m going out again / Am I getting better or just better at pretending”

We’re sure we can all relate to the lyrics in this song in one way or another. That internal conflict that we can have with ourselves. The inner battle we have and the excruciating moments of self-doubt. That’s something she portrays perfectly.

The Pace Portrays The Mind

Charlotte has an incredible voice, and there’s no denying that. We’ve fallen in love with her vocals over and over. From ‘Alright’ to ‘Dress,’ she captures us with her voice every single time.

But the way she uses her voice in ‘Six Feet Under?’ Remarkable. Her talent has us enthralled! The way she starts a little slower in the first verse, but when it leads up toward the chorus, there’s a change of pace. It’s a perfect depiction of how chaotic the mind can be.

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It’s Charlotte Sands!

That’s right! We are putting the legend herself down as a reason why! We are huge stans of Charlotte Sands and we can’t help but become addicted to every single song we hear from her.

Not only that, but we love her for her. We love her positive influence and the way she wants to empower people. We adore her ambition, her talent, her energy, her everything!

Another thing that we adore is Charlotte’s desire to create a safe space for those that need it and that she’s an advocate for mental health support. Did you know she’s teamed up with BetterHelp to provide her fans with access to a month of professional therapy? That’s so incredible! She really is a beautiful, caring person through and through, and we’ll forever adore her and her unbelievable music.

What about you? Do you stan Charlotte Sands as much as we do? What do you think of ‘Six Feet Under?’ Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.


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