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NF Proves If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It With His Newest Single ‘MOTTO’

NF Proves If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It With His Newest Single ‘MOTTO’

World-class rapper, NF, has grabbed all of our attention with his latest single ‘MOTTO,’ the second single off of his upcoming album HOPE (Presave it here). Why? Simply because the song addresses the state of the music industry in the most unapologetic manner. There is nothing like a song that delves into the problems and glory of the music industry! All of us humans on the outside yearn to know more about life as a celeb, and what better way to find out the truth than via raw and honest music?

‘MOTTO’ gives us a complete insight into NF’s mindset towards the industry. The song showcases NF’s introspective lyrics with hard-hitting messages as he reflects on his journey from insignificance to fame. In ‘MOTTO,’ NF expresses how he could create music that fits trends and radio, but why would he do that when music is supposed to be personal

“I could write a record full of radio songs / do a bunch of features that my label would love / do a bunch of features that I don’t even like / just to build up the hype, yeah.”

There are many artists who discuss their love for music. Artists who say that they create the music that they love and only hope that others do too. However, there is still a massive amount of artists who struggle to find themselves, rather they stay stuck trying to give everyone else what they want. They don’t make music that is ultimately them, they try to fit radio. This concept is everything that NF goes against, and it’s something that we love to see!

NF is an incredibly gifted artist and he absolutely nailed getting his message across in this track! He is known to rap with raw grit and emotional authenticity! From the verses to the chorus, NF makes it incredibly obvious that he has something extremely important to say. He shares his approach to stardom and pushes across an unrepentant message, telling us that stardom definitely isn’t everything we think it is.

Along with the song, NF has given us a music video that matches the lyrical genius found in the song. We see NF attending a mock award show. The mv features nearly 1000 fans that came from all over the world and excitedly volunteered to take part in the video! This whole idea emphasizes the fact that his number ones, the fans who are with him since day one, are of major importance to him. Both the lyrics and accompanying music video show us how NF doesn’t believe in the artificial life that some world-famous musicians live.

“Might catch me at the award show / eatin’ popcorn in the back row / catchin’ Zs with my hat low.”

NF uses the music video to turn the lyrics from ‘MOTTO’ into a captivating visual. We watch as he literally sits in the crowd at the mock award show, eating popcorn as if he has no interest in even being there. We see him walk the red carpet in sweats and a hat, not caring about fitting the norms. He does whatever he wants throughout the event, running around and just having fun!

No nominations, but it’s cool though.”

The visuals poke fun at the idea of award shows and their true lack of importance. It’s truly entertaining and shows us how NF hasn’t lost his sense of humor in the same way that he hasn’t lost his artistic vision.

Following singles ‘MOTTO,’ and ‘HOPE,’ NF will be releasing HOPE, his fifth studio album! HOPE consists of 13 tracks and we simply cannot wait to hear everything else that he has to say! Have a look at this tracklist:

‘GONE (FEAT. JULUA MICGHAELS)’ (yeah, we’re freaking out over this collab too!)

Yeah, this tracklist only gets us more excited about the album. Every single one of these track names is enticing and has us already deep in thought on what each song is going to be about and which topics NF is going to tackle!

Now is the time, let us know which track you are claiming from HOPE by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram


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