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We Know You’ll Fall In Love With Charlotte Sands’ New Single ‘Six Feet Under’

We Know You’ll Fall In Love With Charlotte Sands’ New Single ‘Six Feet Under’

We can’t help but get our hearts happily stolen here at The Honey POP sometimes. We love it when that happens, and we couldn’t be more grateful that it’s happened again. The triumphant thief this time is the beautiful blue-haired bombshell, Charlotte Sands! Her new single ‘Six Feet Under’ is due to be released on March 15th.

‘Six Feet Under’ is the second single arriving this year from Charlotte Sands. The new single arrives a month after she supported PVRIS on tour in Europe alongside Maggie Lindemann. It’s a powerful song. Her vocals and luscious lyricism captured us immediately. It’s a familiar feeling. Released as her first single of the year in January, the atmospheric ‘Alright’ captured us in a similar way.

We don’t want to give too much away. We don’t want to spoil your first full listen-through! However, we will give you this: Charlotte has stated that ‘Six Feet Under’ is about having the impulse to sabotage your own life. She said it’s a song for those that discover themselves having self-destructive tendencies and the struggles of embracing strength. We will also say that you will definitely have this song on repeat!

If you want a little taste of the song, Charlotte has you covered. She teased it on her TikTok!

Another beautiful thing to know is that Charlotte Sands will be partnering with the JED Foundation to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention resources for her fans. This means that 20% of the proceeds from both ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Alright’ merchandise will be donated to JED. Isn’t that amazing? We love you, Charlotte!

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We hear you. You want to listen to the full song right now. Don’t worry! There’s not long to go until you can add ‘Six Feet Under’ to all of your playlists. Until then, how about we share some of our favorite previously released Charlotte Sands songs?

‘Want You Like That’

This is the powerful first track on her EP Love and Other Lies. It’s about being nervous in a relationship with someone where they’re actually treating you right, and you’re not used to it. This song, along with every other one on this EP, will always have a home in our playlists.


We love this one so much. She truly captured the feeling of being in a toxic relationship that toys with your emotions. It’s just like that: being on a rollercoaster that just keeps going and going. Up, down, high, low. She’s a true storyteller with her lyrics, and we adore her for it!

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Charlotte Sands went viral on TikTok for this one. The negative response received by Harry Styles’ Vogue cover back in 2020 inspired this empowering release. It’s a remarkable gender-non-conforming song. We always sing along to this one!

Her alternative pop sound has us addicted in every single way. She’s an incredible lyricist, an energetic performer, and a genuinely gorgeous woman inside and out. If this is your first time learning about Charlotte Sands, we promise you that she is definitely one to keep an eye on. We definitely stan her, and we’re so excited to watch her soar!

How excited are you to hear ‘Six Feet Under?’ What’s your favorite song by Charlotte Sands? Let us know by tweeting us @thehoneyhop! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.


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