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5 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Sombr

5 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Sombr

Here at The Honey POP, we have been playing sombr on repeat! sombr is a 17-year-old artist most well-known for his single ‘caroline,’ which went viral on TikTok in 2020. He’s released 6 singles already and is working on releasing more. Clearly, we’re very big fans, and you totally should be too!

We could write an endless list of reasons why you should be listening to sombr, but lucky for you, we’ve kept it to the basics. Here are 5 reasons why you should stan sombr!

His Relatability

Image Source: Claire Marie Vogel

While we might not have all gone to an Arts High School in New York City, sombr’s story is one we can all find relatable. When COVID hit the US, Shane, publicly known as sombr, took the opportunity to better his craft and create music. All from his bedroom! Funded by his summer job scooping ice cream, sombr created a makeshift studio in his room.

He explained that creating music in a time of isolation brought almost a physical escape from the world. Just a kid doing what he loves.

The ‘weak’ Music Video

The artist’s newest single, ‘weak,’ was released earlier this year via Warner Records and was highly anticipated by fans on social media. It was clear when the song was released that it was going to be an instant hit!

A corresponding music video, shot by Jessica Calleiro and edited by sombr himself, premiered on YouTube on February 15. The video feels like a home video in the best way possible. It’s a snapshot of his mind and follows the song incredibly well.

His TikTok Game Is On Point


“weak”. 4 days and it’s yours.

♬ weak by sombr – sombr

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that sombr’s TikTok game is on point! The songwriter and producer frequently posts updates and comical videos on the platform to stay engaged with his fans. You might even hear some unreleased music or covers of popular music like this Harry Styles video.

His single ‘weak’ was initially posted on TikTok and ended up receiving nearly 4 million views!

Certified Sad Girl Music

Image Source: ‘weak’ Single Art via Warner Records

His music is proudly under the category of “sad girl anthems.” sombr’s music takes the listener on an emotional rollercoaster through heartbreak and losing someone close to you.

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“This song is more about emotion than words because sometimes the music gets across your feelings more than the lyrics,” says Sombr. “‘weak’ is about not being able to hold onto someone you love and how painful it is to lose someone at the same time.”

Influenced By Alt-Pop Greats

Image Source: Amelia Boose

Music has surrounded sombr his whole life, taking inspiration from New York City, classical music, and emotional tracks by artists such as Bon Iver and Phoebe Bridgers. He wouldn’t mind trying something new, though. sombr explained that he would be “happy enough with a timeless alternative project.”

Stream ‘weak’ here!

If you haven’t been convinced to stream sombr’s music by now, we just don’t know how to convince you! You can follow sombr on all major streaming services and social media. And make sure you tweet us @TheHoneyPOP what track is your favorite!


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