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Holly Humberstone Has Us Crying The Summer Away With ‘Scarlett (Garden Version)’

Holly Humberstone Has Us Crying The Summer Away With ‘Scarlett (Garden Version)’

Holly Humberstone has blown us away once again with her raw talent in her new single ‘Scarlett (Garden Version).’ Holly has been reworking some of the songs from her sophomore EP, The Walls Are Way Too Thin, in different places that have special meaning to her. It’s a testament to Holly’s talent and songwriting skills that she can change the presentation of her songs and the lyrics will be equally as impactful as the first time you heard them!

Holly has been re-recording some of her songs in more intimate environments and reworking their production. It seems fitting then that as this song is about her love and support of a friend, the new version of ‘Scarlett’ was recorded in Holly‘s backyard. Holly has talked about how she guided Scarlett through her breakup and this song was the result of trying to channel her friend’s point of view through that difficult time.

It’s really important to me to keep allowing you into my world, so I’ve made a new version of ‘Scarlett’ – my (garden version). This is a special corner of where I live now, a place I spend time with my sisters and friends. Considering this song is about my best friend it just made sense to me to be in this spot.

Holly Humberstone on ‘Scarlett (Garden Version)’

Compared to the original version, ‘Scarlett (Garden Version)’ might just put you even deeper into your feels. The stripped-back production makes the words resonate a little more and hit you right in the chest. Singing from Scarlett’s point of view, Holly may have been “crying the summer away,” but so are we now she’s released this version!

‘Scarlett’ – The Original!

If you want to appreciate both versions of the song or if you want to have a little listen and compare, we got you! Here’s the video to Holly‘s original rendition of ‘Scarlett,’ which is equally as touching but a little more upbeat! The video is complete with Holly chucking a guitar off a semi-truck and a guest appearance from the IRL Scarlett! She’s just as cool as they come.

We have even more great news for you! If you love ‘Scarlett’ and want to scream it with Holly on tour – you can! You can catch Holly Humberstone on her headline US and UK tours this November. The tickets are available here if you want to grab some! We’re sure they’re in high demand. Oh, and make sure you pre-order her debut album, too!

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