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Our Aura Reading for Holly Humberstone’s Paint My Bedroom Black

Our Aura Reading for Holly Humberstone’s Paint My Bedroom Black

Holly Humberstone may have decided to Paint My Bedroom Black, but we know she shines in many bright colors 🌈. The new album drop has 13 unique songs that we’ve instantly fallen in love with! Listen along to the album here and follow along as we dissect each song and determine its very own aura color.

‘Paint My Bedroom Black’ and ‘Baby Blues’

Naturally, we’ve assigned the aura color black 🖤  for the opening song on Holly’s album. A black aura is tired and low, and even though the song itself is not slow, the lyrics remind us of the aftermath of a breakup. “I’m gonna drown you out,” Holly sings as she “rips my posters off,” the wall. The contrast of an upbeat melody with melodrama lyrics is one genius way to open the album! 

Later on in the album, on track nine, ‘Baby Blues’ is a one-minute and 18-second song that puts us right in our feels. As opposed to the former, this song is definitely tired and low, but we love it nonetheless!

‘Into Your Room’ and ‘Lauren’

The second and eighth songs might just be our favorites from the album! We’ve assigned the aura color indigo 💜 for both of these songs. “Yeah, I can feel your pain,” Holly sings, showing us that at the end of the day, she’s a lover girl and may rely on her sensitivity to guide her through a new relationship. But, let’s admit, we are all lover girls over here. Holly admits she “can’t do without you, baby” and without her lover by her side, she’s “doomed.”

In ‘Lauren,’ she admits that she’s a “flight risk,” and the second her lover calls on her again, she’ll be there. Perhaps she’s apologizing to the same lover in these songs, opening her heart, and her bedroom, back open to someone she’s lost.


White is the color of spirituality and wisdom, and butterflies are wise and gentle creatures 🦋🤍. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, Holly is confident she’ll come out the other side with a smile on her face. “I’m just going through something,” Holly admits. “Maybe I’ll blossom into something twice as bright.”

‘Kissing in Swimming Pools’ and ‘Elvis Impersonators’

We’ve assigned the fourth song the aura color of green 💚. Loving, compassionate, and nurturing are all the traits of this aura color. Holly just wants to show her love for the person she’s singing to, and something as innocent as swimming in a pool with the one you love brings out the simple joys of love. In the eleventh track on the album, Holly sings in the chorus, “Oh, I can’t be without you.” She tells the story of having so much love for one person that she misses “their bones.” 🦴 The need for a deep connection is real here 🤝.

Image Source: Constantine Spence

‘Ghost Me’ and ‘Antichrist’

We’ve all been in the mindset that maybe we’re the problem. “Maybe I, maybe I, maybe I’m the problem,” Billie Eilish once reminded us. We’ve assigned the aura color blue to these two songs 💙 as we felt that both of these songs were insightful and powerful, two common traits of the blue aura. These songs are vulnerable, and Holly is admitting to her faults in a toxic relationship

‘Superbloodmoon (feat. D4vd)’ and ‘Flatlining’

We’ve assigned the aura color red to this deep and sensual song ❤️. Featuring the lovely D4vd, this song makes us weak at the knees! “It’s bloody, and it’s gory, but that’s quite alright,” he says. Besides the obvious reference to things that are red, the song is energetic and fiery, two characteristics of the red aura.

We’ve also determined the tenth song on the album to identify with the color red. The beat picks up at around the one-minute mark, and the lyrics are doused in a fiery anger. “I’ll pull the plug and let the line go flat,” Holly sings, ending the relationship on a flatline. The tempo and melody remind us of Lorde’s ‘Ribs’ for sure!

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‘Girl’ and ‘Room Service’

The last two tracks on the album imagine a “perfect world” in which we are in a relationship with our dream girl or boy. Holly even fantasizes about being cooped up in a hotel room with nothing to do but fall in love. “When no one can reach, darling, we’ll blow out the speakers,” Holly sings. The possibilities of love are endless, and thus, we are categorizing these songs with a rainbow aura 🌈. This possibility is torn from Holly when the person she’s so deeply in love with doesn’t even look back. As much as this reality hurts, we can all relate to these two songs 💔.

“I can just make my music and just write truthfully from the heart and I really want to not look back on it as a negative time and just be proud of what I did. It’s just cool that I even get to make an album. I still think that’s the coolest thing ever and I never thought that I’d get to, so I want to look back and, yeah, and remember it as a cool time.”

Holly tells Zane Lowe

Holly’s aura is a rainbow of the most beautiful shades of greens, blues, and reds, and we couldn’t be more in love 💏. Throughout the course of this album, each of us finds a song that we relate to and can call our own. Here at The Honey POP, we are claiming ‘Into Your Room’ and the aura color Indigo ✨. 

Which new Holly Humberstone song is your favorite? What is your aura color?! Let us know in the comments below by tweeting us @thehoneypop or messaging us on Instagram! 🐝


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