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We Can’t Afford To Lose Holly Humberstone

We Can’t Afford To Lose Holly Humberstone

Holly Humberstone for her new single 'Can You Afford To Lose Me?'

On November 2, Holly Humberstone asked the question we have a quick and easy answer to, ‘Can You Afford To You Lose Me?’ No, Holly, we can’t. For the sake of the music industry, no, we can’t.

If you haven’t heard of Holly Humberstone… where have you been? As the opening act for Olivia Rodrigo on The SOUR Tour, George Ezra at Finsbury Park and Girl In Red, Holly is one to watch. But there’s no need to worry, you still have time to jump on the Humberstone bandwagon and still have the satisfaction of knowing you were here before everyone else.

Holly Humberstone for her new single 'Can You Afford To Lose Me?'
Image Source: Claryn Chong

Holly’s new single ‘Can You Afford To Lose Me?’ is the title track of her new project, released in October 2022, which combines her previous two EPs, Falling Asleep At The Wheel and The Walls Are Way Too Thin, to create one album.

“Over the past few months i’ve been looking back at the music i’ve made, the people i’ve met and the incredible experiences we’ve shared together. This collection of songs is an extension of my journey to-date and the brand new song is probably one of my favourites i’ve ever written 🖤 i hope u enjoy xxx”

Holly via Instagram

Holly Humberstone for her new single 'Can You Afford To Lose Me?'
Image Source: Claryn Chong

Holly’s haunting and heartbreaking vocals open the song and carry us through 4 minutes of pure emotional honesty. While the song on the surface seems to be about a breakup, Holly has since seen another side to the lyrics.

“Upon reflection, I’ve found new meaning in the lyrics of this song. We are so clearly mistreating our planet and we can’t afford to lose it. I want to do more to help and I’m very aware that I don’t have the answers, but it’s so important we all make changes now so that our planet can have a future.”

Holly via Consequence

The music video for the song was inspired by the Fifth Sister Swap, an initiative in which Holly encourages fans at shows to swap their unwanted clothes with other fans… iconic.

Holly gathered fans to pass on their sentimental items, including her own. Holly gave away her own favorite hoodie from the ‘Falling Asleep At The Wheel’ music video.

It’s truly amazing and refreshing to see artists who care. Holly is an artist worth stanning if we’ve ever seen one!

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So take those unwanted clothes and go see Holly Humberstone on tour in North America and the UK this November and December! Buy tickets here!

Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP your opinion on the ‘Fifth Sister Swap’ and ‘Can You Afford To Lose Me?’! We’re also on Instagram and Facebook for all your music needs.


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