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3 Reasons Why We Love Becky G

3 Reasons Why We Love Becky G

Alright, so everyone knows we love our queen Becky G, but we haven’t given you our reasons as to why. Besides her insane talent, she’s also a wonderful human being who radiates confidence and is an inspiration to many people. She has grown so much as an artist over the past couple of years, and we couldn’t be prouder of how far she has come. So if you’re not a Beaster yet, then get ready because we will be brightening your day by persuading you to become a fan of this multi-talented artist. 

She proudly embraces her culture.

Whether it’s through her music or makeup collections like Hola Chola and Treslúce Beauty, Becky constantly finds a way to incorporate her Mexican heritage in the projects she does. She began her career with her debut single ‘Becky from the Block’ where she sings, “No matter where I go, I know where I came from,” and this couldn’t be truer because fast forward to 2019, she sings, “I do this sh** for Mexico” in her addictive track ‘Green Light Go.’ Also, her artistry aside, she shows more of her down-to-earth personality on TikTok, where you’ll see her dancing along to Spanish songs that most of us grew up listening to because of our parents and talking about her experience as a Chicana. 

She openly talks about mental health. 

If you’ve seen Becky’s videos, you’ll know that she’s not one to avoid talking about going to therapy, healing, and learning to love herself. It can be daunting to share your personal experiences, especially given how taboo it is in the Latinx community, but Becky using her platform to do so is one of many things we love about her because it helps us remind ourselves that we are not alone. 


I’m proud of you. 🤍

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She empowers women.

Along with discussing important topics like mental health, Becky G also empowers women through songs such as ‘La Respuesta,’ where she sings about being self-sufficient and not needing a man to maintain her. Don’t even get us started on how good the music video is! 

On top of that, she has said many kind words about the other amazing Latina artists in the game, whom you may know as they are also killing it in the industry, and Becky has done collaborations with them in tracks like ‘Sin Pijama’ and ‘MAMIII.’ 

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All of this goes to show that despite the immense success Becky G has had, she has remained humble and kind. She truly is “like a concrete rose.” 

Now that we’ve convinced you to become a Beaster, are you ready for her upcoming single ‘ARRANCA?’ Let us know  @thehoneypop! To read more about your favorite Latin artists, click here


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