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5 Tracks That Show Off Ashton Irwin’s Undeniable Talent

5 Tracks That Show Off Ashton Irwin’s Undeniable Talent

Hello, and welcome to this Ashton Irwin appreciation article! Let’s be honest, it’s about time we wrote one of these! So, here we go! Let’s talk about him!

Ashton Irwin, the incredible talent behind 5 Seconds Of Summer’s drum set, shines not only as a powerful drummer but also as an exceptional songwriter, vocalist, and “the band’s hypeman.” Ashton has effortlessly captured our hearts with his adorable charm and overall kind and positive energy! As an extremely talented musician, lyricist, and singer, Ashton consistently shows that he is more than just another drummer—he is an awe-inspiring man who has taken the art of drumming to new levels.

With all of that being said, it’s time for us to truly appreciate his skills by talking about some of his best drumming moments yet!

‘Red Desert’

We’re starting off extremely strong with “the best song ever written and recorded,” also known as ‘Red Desert.’ That’s right, the first track on 5 Seconds Of Summer’s fourth album, CALM! If you have heard this song before, you without a doubt agree when we say that this might just be Ashton’s number-one drum moment. If you have not yet listened to the song (are… are you okay?) then we highly suggest you do so! While it is clear that Ashton slayed the drums throughout the entire track, we would like to highlight the ✨supernova✨. In other words, from 2:25 – 2:54. Take a listen:

Yeah, that just happened.

‘Lonely Heart’

Everyone get ready for an emotional rollercoaster! ‘Lonely Heart’ is a track that takes you on a beautiful journey of a special and unique love. The song plays slow and steady with Luke Hemmings’ vocals and an acoustic guitar taking center stage. That is until the chorus hits, and we get an explosion of musicality!

When does Ashton’s talent really show, you ask? Well, once again, we are highlighting the bridge of the song! In case you didn’t know, 5 Seconds Of Summer are masters at creating the most incredible bridges that pump you up or hurt so, so, very bad :). While the entire song shows Ashton’s exceptional drumming abilities, the bridge of ‘Lonely Heart’ allows him to shine.

Ashton has been voted as one of the top drummers in the music industry multiple times, and it makes total sense when we can hear the incredible work he does on a track like ‘Lonely Heart!’

‘Moving Along’

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about this one. How could we? ‘Moving Along’ is one of the most listened-to tracks on the 5 Seconds Of Summer album Youngblood! The track is an upbeat vibey anthem with Calum Hood taking the lead on his bass. Then BOOM, the drum fill from the verse to the chorus! Hello??? Have you ever heard anything this spectacular? Ashton’s drumming ups the ante of the song and adds another level of perfection.

One of the best parts about ‘Moving Along’ is this drum fill. You may think it’s because it’s a very good drum fill, but that is not the only reason. No, no. This is the best part of the song because you get to air drum along with Ash! If you do not become a professional air drummer during this song, then we think it’s time you reconsider your life choices…

Take a listen to this live version:

*screams in stan!*

‘Meet You There’

The best way to describe ‘Meet You There’ is by saying it is a sexy explosion of marvelous sound. There’s a reason the Youngblood tour was called The Meet You There Tour! Before we go any further, we would like you to listen to the song! Go on, then come back here and yell about it with us!

Okay, welcome back! Now, we are going to absolutely destroy your mind by showing you the live version:

How are you doing? Are you still with us? If so, congrats because after listening to that for the first time, we were On. The. Floor.

The entire track is led by Ashton as he creates a lively and incredibly vibrant beat that makes you want to get off of your bed, grab your nearest air drumsticks, and play a concert in your room. If you ever need a song to amp yourself up, this is the one for you!

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‘Permanent Vacation’

Ashton Irwin, the king of drum fills. ‘Permanent Vacation’ is a song from 5 Seconds Of Summer’s second album, Sounds Good, Feels Good! The album, just like their debut, self-titled album, takes on the pop-punk genre, so it makes total sense that the songs on this album have heavy, sexy, loud, and mind-blowing drums. All of our pop-punk lovers out there, this album is for you!

The drums in this track give off the essence of a marching band as Ashton hits every beat as if he is the metronome himself! Everyone, take notes; he knows what he’s doing ✍️! Ashton’s rhythmic mastery raises the song to new heights with precise, lightning-fast hi-hat tempos and snare rolls that deliver a punch!

Ashton’s drumming serves as a backbone that carries the song! He takes listeners on an exciting musical adventure with each beat, every fill, and roll, leaving us exhilarated and wanting more. Ashton’s expert handling of the drums not only adds dimension and weight to the song but also demonstrates his progress as a musician.

We would also like to take a moment to appreciate how scrumdiddlyumptious this era was, just because we can 🤭.

Well, there you have it, folks! We hope you enjoyed either discovering or just appreciating Ashton’s talent with us! We truly do wish we could have discussed every single track that he is featured on because, let’s be honest, he always crushes it. This will have to do for now!

Which tracks do you think should have been on this list? Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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