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Spencer Sutherland’s ‘Chicken Little’ Gets Us Out Of Our Shells

Spencer Sutherland’s ‘Chicken Little’ Gets Us Out Of Our Shells


Oh let us tell you how our jaws dropped when we heard a new song was going to get released! We were beyond excited to get the news Spencer Sutherland was giving us a surprise song. This new song comes shortly after the release of his debut album, In His Mania. If you know us, we love Spencer Sutherland so much! He is an artist that is incredible to his fans. A hard worker. A bit of a fashionista, a little diva, and, notably, a vocal powerhouse. When the announcement was made public, everyone was shocked! We along with hundreds of his fans, went into a frenzy trying to figure out what it could be.

Older fans of Spencer Sutherland had some extremely strong hunches about what Spencer was scheming. Those who have been fans of Spencer for a bit longer quickly got the newer fans caught up on the mania (we couldn’t resist that wording) of this single. Spencer released ‘Chicken Little’ with a very special feature on the new pop hit, Meghan Trainor!

Can you imagine how their incredible vocal talent sounded together? We can tell you, it was a magical experience for us. We were transported into another dimension and back with them together on this song. Together they made this pop hit, POP! 

Spencer Sutherland Reminds Us To Live In The Moment

Chicken Little’ is a song that is an ode to c’est la vie, the French term for “so is life.” Life is too full of curious moments, new memories, and life-changing chances to get dragged down into the “what-ifs” and the anxiety spiral. We know that is all easier said than done. Yet, when you have a song called ‘Chicken Little’ that plays on the fable about a paranoid chicken that was living in pure fear and anxiety about something that ended up being nothing to worry about, it’s a reflection of our lives. With this in mind, how much of our lives do we live as “chicken little?” How often are we getting stuck in our heads, preventing us from moving forward? 

There is nothing wrong with having worries about things. It’s normal to have worries or even butterflies for big moments. ‘Chicken Little’ encourages you to look beyond the anxiety that halts your life. Don’t be a ‘Chicken Little’ and come out of your coop; there’s a lot of life to see and live, so don’t lose out. And the new music video for ‘Chicken Little’ emphasizes that message.

A Spencer Sutherland Themed Laundromat? Our Dream Place For A Chore

First, Spencer sets the scene in a laundromat. If any of us have visited one with friends or family or even had to go to one ourselves, it’s the least exciting environment known to mankind. ‘Chicken Little’ builds up the moment with Spencer doing his laundry with a special Spencer laundry wash. And “Mania” dryer sheets. Extremely meta what you did there Spencer! 

Meanwhile, as he’s waiting for laundry to finish he is figuring out a way he can pass the time there. Normally if you’ve been like us we’ve either listened to music, a podcast, or watched whatever was on the laundromat tv. If you are lucky the laundromat you visit has a few little arcade games you could play to pass the time. Therefore, overall, it’s typically boring and not an engaging environment. 

Spencer takes that environment and electrifies it. He goes walking around during the second verse talking to the people their about life. At first, the people seem uninterested. They look like they’re thinking “why is this man talking to me?” If we were there we’d be all ears for Spencer immediately, no hesitation. Laundry is mundane and Spencer in ‘Chicken Little’ was using the environment around him to fill in the time. 

‘Chicken Little’ Is Taking The Boring “Ugh” Of Life Into A Vivid Transformation

Spencer, most importantly, has the power of turning something boring into something fun and alive. We need to have a bit of Spencer on the days that we feel sluggish and bored. We all know this song, of course, has an amazing feature with Meghan Trainor in it! Her appearance in the music video was so fun!

To repeat from what we said earlier there’s usually a tv in the laundromat you can watch to fill in the time. Now let’s take that tv and Meghan Trainor and we get one fun retro outcome. Meghan appears as a cartoon on the tv! Her singing is amplifying the message of the song set by Spencer.

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The music video from start to finish is a lively story of how to transform things that seem not special into something more. Spencer’s interaction with the people there, Meghan’s vocals and appearance, the environment, plus the lyrics of the song create a solid visual for the songs meaning. ‘Chicken Little’ asks us how to turn the mundane into something amusing. All it takes is a new perspective, positive influence, and a gentle reminder that there is more to life than feeling stuck. Ultimately, “don’t take life too serious.”

It’s Time To Seize The Day With Spencer Sutherland

There’s always a way to “live a little” each day. And, we think that is an incredible message that so many of us need to hear. We’re so glad Spencer is the one to tell us that life is full of endless possibilities within the ugly to make us whole. Don’t miss out, get out, and find what makes you a little less of a ‘Chicken Little.’ Need more of ‘Chicken Little’? Obviously, you do; there’s no better way than to also watch the lyric video too!

Let us know what you loved about the ‘Chicken Little’ music video! Was it Spencer’s amazing yellow bell-bottom pants? Perhaps the cameo of Keaton from Emblem3? Maybe it was the laundromat disco party at the end? Or something else? Let us know in the comments down below or let us know on our socials. You can find us on Facebook, Threads, Instagram, and Twitter @thehoneypop to talk all Spencer Sutherland 24/7. 


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