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Spencer Sutherland Enchants And Takes Indianapolis, IN Into His Mania

Spencer Sutherland Enchants And Takes Indianapolis, IN Into His Mania


Are you ready for a fun and energetic night filled with high kicks, stunning outfits, amazing vocals, phenomenal stage presence, and a genuine personality by a pop heartthrob? Can you guess who we’re enamored by? No, we’re not talking about Harry Styles… we do love him though. We’re talking about our local pop star who also loves Elvis and National Treasure. It’s time for you to meet the one, the only, the man of the hour: Spencer Sutherland. 

Last month, Spencer, released his debut album, In His Mania. We love this spectacular album and Spencer so much that we could not resist seeing the Ohio native on tour, and lucky for us, he started the In His Mania Tour just nine days after he released the album. We were fortunate enough to attend one of the stops of the tour, the Indianapolis show! Let us tell you, by the end of the show, we were the opposite of ‘Out of Love’ for Spencer. The moment we stepped into the venue, we entered and joined Spencer, In His Mania. 

The Show For ‘Everybody’

There’s no reason to ‘Wonder’ why Spencer has so many devoted fans and is constantly gaining more – his music and persona are so special, and the show was just as amazing as he is! The openers Michael Minelli and Jordy set the tone for Spencer’s arrival, and we were stoked to be in the third row from the barricade for the perfect view. Then, all of a sudden, his band came onstage and the lights darkened. The star-shaped light fixture in the middle of the stage lit up, and the music began to build up in the same way our anticipation was. 

Spencer walked through the star, struck a pose, and opened the show with ‘Everybody’. We’ve been to quite a few concerts, but the energy between Spencer and the crowd throughout the song wasn’t like anything we’ve experienced before. Spencer’s energy during ‘Everybody’ absolutely electrified the crowd, and we couldn’t have asked for more from one of our favorite songs! The crowd was shouting the lyrics right back to him and we stayed in that energy all night long. Even in a small venue, Spencer’s energy and vocals took hold of the space and the audience so well.

Image Source: Annika Hijalda

Spencer shared that his voice wasn’t 100% and asked us Indianapolis concertgoers for help, and the crowd did not disappoint in singing and shouting each song along with him. If he hadn’t said anything, he would’ve fooled anyone about his voice because he still sounded so incredible – maybe it was the tea he was drinking (seriously, what’s the tea?), and his trust in his amazing fans to do our part. This show was still one of the best we’ve attended, and Spencer really is for ‘Everybody’ and anybody!

Spencer Sutherland Brings Us Into His Mania

We loved the show so much and we could talk about it all day! Figuring out which of our favorite moments of the show to share with you is very difficult, especially with someone as fun and authentic as Spencer, but we know exactly what we want to share with you: first off, his fashion!

At each stop on his tour, Spencer is wearing a new and unique fit – for Indianapolis, it was a gorgeous blue button-up with a necktie, white suspenders, and fun, multi-colored, chevron-striped pants. At one point, he unbuttoned his shirt a bit and you could see the glitter on his chest sparkling. We can say that it gave Edward Cullen a run for his money. Later in the show, he swapped the shirt for a red crochet vest that says “In His Mania” on the back. We can for sure say that the pants do withstand his signature high kicks!

During his song ‘Wonder,’ Spencer did something we’ve never seen an artist do before. Spencer left the stage, walked through the general admission crowd, went to one of the pillar tables, and climbed up. The crowd turned away from the stage to face Spencer, and the intimacy and mood deepened as we were no longer facing the stage lights. We all watched in awe when the spotlight lit up Spencer as he sang ‘Wonder.’ Spencer standing above the crowd singing a song about unrequited longing and curiosity about a person, but being stuck in a limbo of the unknown, felt magical. It made Spencer’s voice sound even more surreal and passionate than before, and it really pulled the crowd in for a moment with an indescribable feeling.

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Most importantly, we have to talk about how a majority of Spencer’s setlist came from his debut album. We truly were In His Mania! It’s an album that we’ve had on repeat since it came out, and hearing some of the songs in person made us feel alive. Obviously, listening to songs like ‘Flower,’ ‘Outer Space,’ ‘Jealousy,’ ‘Out of Love,’ and ‘Summer Camp’ live blew us away.

Along with showcasing songs from his debut album, sneaking in a little ‘A Thousand Miles’ cover, and asking us how he looks in his pants, we were able to hear a few of Spencer’s earlier hits like ‘Paranoia’ and ‘Sweater.’ A huge moment that left us speechless was when Spencer came down between the stage and barricade during ‘Outrun the Feeling’ – he reached out over the crowd and we got to touch his hand as he sang! It was unreal, we don’t want to outrun that feeling. 

There’s No ‘Strange Feeling’ When You’re At A Spencer Sutherland Show

If you don’t have Spencer Sutherland on your list of people to go see, you need to add his name at the top of your list now. We are already trying to figure out how we can go see him again! He puts on an impressive show and as stans, we’re bragging about him. Trust us, if you want to see a show packed with great talent and have a great night in a space filled with people who you can easily befriend, go to Spencer. We will live vicariously through you! 

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If you’re not a stan of Spencer Sutherland yet, you will be soon. We recommend checking out the debut album, In His Mania, and watching the High School Musical-inspired music video for Jealousy!’

You should also give ‘NONE of this has been about you,’ ‘Shame,’ ‘Too Many Friends,’ and ‘Lemons’ a listen. You’ll soon end up falling in love with Spencer thanks to his powerful and smooth vocals, his unique way of writing lyrics (big Virgo energy), and his personable demeanor!

Did you get a chance to be In His Mania with Spencer? Have you been to a Spencer show before? What’s your favorite thing about his performances? If you haven’t been to one of his concerts, what do look forward to when your time comes? Please, you have to tell us your thoughts! You can share with us below in the comments or send us a tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop. Or you can share with us on Facebook or Instagram! We’d love to hear about how much you love Spencer. Take our hands and join us in Spencer Sutherland’s mania!

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