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JEON SOMI Has A GAME PLAN And It’s ‘Gold Gold Gold’

JEON SOMI Has A GAME PLAN And It’s ‘Gold Gold Gold’

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It’s been quite a while since we got new music from Jeon Somi, so as soon as we heard we’d be getting a new EP called GAME PLAN from her, you know, we started streaming it as soon as it came out!

Okay, y’all, so GAME PLAN is Somi’s first EP, and we gotta be honest … we’ve been loving it!

Game Plan

Image Courtesy of THEBLACKLABEL

GAME PLAN consists of five tracks: the title track, ‘Fast Forward,’ as well as ‘Gold Gold Gold,’ ‘Fxxed Up,’ ‘Pisces’ and ‘The Way.’ We are loving the changeups with the EP, as each track has its own vibe and sound to it. For example, we go from the dance track ‘Fast Forward,’ to a more angsty lyric pop track with ‘Fxxcked Up,’ to Somi’s softer vocals in ‘Pisces.’ If you wanna know a secret, we’ve gotta say our favorites from the EP have to be ‘Pisces’ and ‘Fast Forward,’ but please don’t tell the other tracks 👀. Find out your favorite tracks when you stream GAME PLAN here.

But like we said, ‘Fast Forward’ is the title track, and it has been stuck in our heads ever since we first heard it.

Hit ‘Fast Forward’

‘Fast Forward’ reminds us of multiple things: tracks that you will most definitely hear being played at clubs, aka songs part of a DJ’s ‘remix playlist;’ 2014 releases when all the tracks were dance track bops. And lastly, and also, our favorite part of the track (which comes from the second verse), the way she delivers the lines and the background music, makes us think of older vogueing tracks. All in all, the chorus is super catchy, and we love it. Plus the choreo is very fun!

Image Courtesy of THEBLACKLABEL

We can tell just how much fun Somi is having this comeback; she looks flawless as always! This means we are also having fun and loving this comeback even more! We told y’all which tracks are our faves from GAME PLAN, but we also want to tell you a couple of our favorite tracks from Somi in general. Here’s a quick rundown!

‘Dumb Dumb’

What we love: The whistles, and we’ll always be in love with the choreo!


What we love: The Chorus!!! (We play it on our birthday every year.)

‘What You Waiting For’

What we love: Her vocals, especially at the beginning, ‘What You Waiting For’ will always be that track!

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See, quick rundown. Now make sure to add these tracks to your streaming playlists while you’re listening to GAME PLAN.

Which track off of GAME PLAN is your favorite? Which Jeon Somi track do you love the most? Let us know in the comments down below or over on Twitter @thehoneypop, and don’t forget to talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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