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Greta Van Fleet’s Starcatcher As Tarot Cards

Greta Van Fleet’s Starcatcher As Tarot Cards

We’ve been (im)patiently waiting for the new Greta Van Fleet Album Starcatcher. It was love at first listen with their first single, ‘Meeting The Master’ and then again with ‘Sacred The Thread.’ So now that we can listen to the full album back to back, we’re simply over the moon. And we aren’t the only ones because it’s made an appearance on multiple Billboard charts. Honestly, this whole album is spiritual and full of incredible imagery, so naturally, we made some connections to tarot cards. Here are a few that resonated with us.

‘Waited All Your Life’ — The Chariot

Image Source: Melissa G via Pixabay

The chariot can represent a journey since it’s used as transportation. From the lyrics, “Come from so far away” and “You’ve been on your way,” it can be assumed that it was a long one, full of twists and turns. But since they’ve finally made their destination, they’ve essentially emerged victorious and found their way.

‘The Falling Sky’ — Seven Of Wands

This song is all about struggling, hence the lyric “holding up the falling sky” The seven of wands depicts a man defending himself, despite being outnumbered with wands. It’s also important to note that he’s wearing two different shoes that can symbolize having uneven footing, which makes it even more of a struggle.

‘The Indigo Streak’ — The Empress

Image Source: Melissa G via Pixabay

There’s so much beautiful imagery in this song and The Empress represents beauty. Another theme of this song is creativity, which can be seen by the lyrics, “Wide-minded dreamer / from far and away / paints pictures cleaner / With brushes, he touches the sky” This card can also symbolize pregnancy, so metaphorically, the birth of new ideas.

‘Frozen Light’ — The Star

The main imagery of this Major Arcana card is the shining stars. It symbolizes hope, even in the darkness of the night. In this song, there’s feelings of uncertainty in the unknown, but they’re holding on to their faith, which can be seen with the lyrics, “I know I am not alone / I know the frozen light will guide me there”

‘The Archer’ — Justice

Image Source: Melissa G via Pixabay

This card is just what it sounds like. Objectively, it’s debatable because the card itself symbolizes impartiality. In this song, vengeance equates to justice. “Vengeance is a bow / And arrows only justice when fired”  Alternatively, it can mean that the archer will potentially face consequences with the lyric, “Devil at the door / Standing with his right arm extended / On a hunt for the kill / I am the archer”

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