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We’re ‘Not Afraid To Die’ But We Are Afraid Of Missing Grayscale’s New Era

We’re ‘Not Afraid To Die’ But We Are Afraid Of Missing Grayscale’s New Era

It’s been a little over two years since Grayscale’s last album (Happy Belated 2nd Birthday, Umbra!) and we’re so excited to share that they’ve dropped new music! They dropped Antumbra and ‘My Youth Is Wasted’ with Kids in America last year, so music-wise we were still fed, but their latest single ‘Not Afraid To Die’ feels like the start of a new Grayscale era. At least, we hope it is. Our wallets? Not so much. Never financially recovering from Grayscale? Now that’s something we’re afraid of.

Grayscale’s sound has evolved over the years (in the best way). The shift from Adornment to Umbra has brought Grayscale into a sound that is wholly theirs. ‘Not Afraid To Die’ feels like a fresh way to start a new era for the band. Our immediate first listen thoughts? ‘Not Afraid To Die’ sounds reminiscent of The Killers from the very first notes. And we have to give a shoutout to Collin Walsh’s incredible vocals, which really shine on this track (though we love them always).

The sound makes sense given Grayscale’s love for The Killers. We’re still thinking about their ‘When You Were Young’ cover from their holiday shows last December, tbh. They’ve spoken before about their musical influences (with us too, actually) and we love hearing it in their music. Umbra elevated their sound to new heights (‘Dreamcatcher’ bridge, you will always be famous) and we hope this new era brings us more of this sound. If ‘Not Afraid To Die’ is any indication of what Grayscale has for us next, we can’t wait!

Grayscale – ‘Not Afraid To Die’

We love love LOVE the music video. From the aesthetics to the visuals to the outfits to the story, it is so well put together and showcases the song in a perfect way.

It’s a song about mine and my band mates’ upbringing in the northeast. It’s sort of a celebration of our ruggedness and ridiculousness, I suppose

Collin Walsh via press release

Lyrically, ‘Not Afraid To Die’ definitely hits where it hurts. Grayscale never shies away from tackling heavier topics in their music. This song is no exception. The way the chorus ties into the verses paints the song’s narrative beautifully. With every listen, a new lyric and new part of the story jumps out at us.

When you’re from where we are you face sh*t/you scrap in basements/we had no choice we grew up fast

Still got my temper from my dad/never learned to take my time/and I wasn’t allowed to cry,’

Cause there’s nothing good in life/if you don’t know smart from wise

And my heart’s in overdrive/on my balcony at night/yeah I’m scared to death of heights but I’m not afraid

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Things Grayscale does: produce amazing bridges. We haven’t been able to stop listening to ‘Not Afraid To Die’ and you can join us by streaming here.

How ready are you for a new era of Grayscale? Let us know what you think about ‘NATD’ in the comments below or drop us a line on our socials! We’re always buzzing about something on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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