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Exclusive Interview: Levi Hummon

Exclusive Interview: Levi Hummon

If you’re a country music lover, (who isn’t?!) and you’re an avid TikTok watcher, (again, who isn’t?) you’ve probably heard Levi Hummon’s amazing music. If you haven’t, we’re about to introduce you to your new favorite country artist. We got the chance to chat with Levi Hummon, where we talked about his creative processes and what it means to be in the country music scene! All right, y’all. Let’s dive right in.

Hi Levi! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! We’d love to start this out by asking if there’s anyone out there who hasn’t yet dove into your music, what is the first song you’d recommend they listen to?
I would say “Paying For It” with Walker Hayes or “Good Riddance” both are very much my current sound and where I’m going. I think I’m always listening to new music and then using that to inspire how I interpret country music, so sometimes I feel like it’s always a little different and no two songs sound the same.

The latest single is entitled ‘Rent Free,’ tell us about how this track came together and how long the process took from the song just being a thought to being in our ears?
That song was so much fun. Got to write it with Rozes who wrote and sang on ‘Roses’ by the Chainsmokers. I love the tune and like I said, was definitely inspired by a lot of the more alternative music I’ve been listening to lately.

Photo of Levi Hummon
Image source: Courtesy of Marbaloo Marketing

Take us through your process when you’re choosing a single? How long does the process usually take? Do you craft a song and immediately know it’s a song you want to have a stand alone moment.
Woah! It takes no time at all. The song just hits differently when it’s a single and I just listen to my gut and trust my ears, and my team’s ears.

You’re signed with Jonas Group Entertainment l, what has that partnership looked like?
We are just getting started. It’s been amazing so far and we definitely see eye to eye on how the industry is changing and evolving and they are pushing me to see what my role in that is.

Photo of Levi Hummon
Image source: Courtesy of Marbaloo Marketing

Country music is a huge genre that has so many sub-genres and that truly holds some of the greatest storytellers in music, what is it like being a part of that community?
I grew up in Nashville, my Dad’s a songwriter, so I’ve always been surrounded by the amazing creators that make this town so special. I think the writing community is what I’m most drawn to, and I think they’ve always been so supportive.

Speaking of country music and the community surrounding it, if you could go back and could have written any country song what song would that be?
Any country song… hmmm…. Probably ‘You and Tequila’ by Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter. I just hear that song and i’m like “d*mn I wish I wrote that one.”

We would be mad at ourselves if we didn’t bring up the duet with Cassadee Pope! What was it like working with her on ‘RSVP?’ What did you take from that experience?
She’s just the best. She’s always been so cool to me and it’s been a dream of mine to release something together. I think that song still has a ton of life and it just hits different live.

Speaking of duets! You also worked with Walker Hayes, what would you say, either in general or specifically on ‘Paying For It’ is the biggest creative difference you see in yourself when you’re working with a partner as opposed to making song that will just be for you?
I think I’ve been doing the solo thing for so long, that collaboration feels like I’m in a band and it feels like it’s not only collaborative in the music, but it’s collaborative on socials, in the writing room, in the studio, on the phone. It gives me so much joy to share dreams with others and just make something unique and meaningful.

Photo of Levi Hummon
Image source: Courtesy of Marbaloo Marketing

TikTok has been a huge platform for you! What do you think it is about the app that has allowed you to make such special connections with the people that listen to your music?
I just think it’s been my best promotional tool and a way for me to connect with fans on a whole new level. My experience on TikTok has always been so positive and I genuinely enjoy the work it takes to make something pop off.

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What’s next for you? What can our readers look forward to as we finish this year?
MUSIC!! New music. Lots of music and touring. But sooner than later you can expect a new song and collaboration with another amazing artist.

We’d like to thank Levi for taking the time to chat with us! Be sure to his stream his new song, ‘Rock Bottom‘ featuring Sam Tinnesz now. We have it on repeat, here in the hive. Do you stan Levi Hummon as much as we do? Let us know in the comments, on FacebookInstagram, or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!


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