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Conan Gray’s New Singles Are Making Us Feel Like A ‘Winner’

Conan Gray’s New Singles Are Making Us Feel Like A ‘Winner’

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and most importantly, we have new music from Conan Gray. Just this past Tuesday, Conan released ‘Killing Me,’ which is his 3rd single this year! We truly love him so much here at THP, so we had to take the time to appreciate Conan’s newest releases.

‘Never Ending Song’

This song was Conan’s first release following Superache, and he did not disappoint! ‘Never Ending Song’ is a fun-pop and, of course, lyrically sad track. Even as Conan sonically experiments, he continues to hurt our feelings, hearing lyrics like “Just to waste my time on the edges of your life. But we’ve grown too close, now it can’t amount to nothin’.” Makes it all worth it!

This is the only one of his new releases that has a music video, which involves a grocery store and some fantastic dance moves from Conan. Yeah, you’ll have to see for yourself.


We would tell you to take a few minutes to prepare yourself for how sad this track is, but honestly? Nothing can prepare you; embrace the tears. We won’t judge. ‘Winner’ is more upbeat than some of his previous ballads, such as ‘Yours,’ but is beautifully heart-aching all the same.

That all you ever wanted was to fight. I was only tryin’ to survive your chaos. Well, look at how it’s paid off.”

These lyrics are some of Conan’s best, and we have to admit if his next project will also be this sad… We won’t be well.

‘Killing Me’

To put it simply, we’re obsessed. With stellar lyrics and an upbeat pop sound, ‘Killing Me’ is the perfect blend of his two previous releases. When asked about the track, Conan said this.

I wrote ‘Killing Me’ while I was sick with the flu. It was a miserable time where I was both physically sick, but also super heartbroken over somebody. Hence, ‘you’re KILLING me.’ I think we all have those people who don’t treat us nearly well enough, but we just can’t seem to let them go. People who call you at 2AM, and who you know you shouldn’t pick up… but you do. ‘Killing Me’ is for when you’re on your last limb begging this person to just please stop torturing your heart.

Conan Gray on ‘Killing Me’

The flu and heartbreak are an interesting combo, but Conan has proved to us that he can make anything into an amazing song!

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But the thing is, we haven’t spoken for weeks. I love you bad, that’s the problem occurrin’. Better love I deserve, and I’m hurtin’ but sadly, I worship every moment we meet.

In a way, we feel the same way about Conan’s music! As we mentioned earlier, he will always create devastating music. Regardless of that, we love every word he sings.

We are beyond excited to see what comes next for Conan! Which of these new tracks are your favorite? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or find us buzzing on Facebook and Instagram to let us know.


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