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Conan Gray Must Be A ‘Telepath’ Because These 5 Lyrics Are Way Too Relatable

Conan Gray Must Be A ‘Telepath’ Because These 5 Lyrics Are Way Too Relatable

We at THP love all of Conan Gray’s detailed lyrics, but certain lines just hit different. Whether it’s heart-wrenchers on his Kid Krow album or clever wordplay on one of his biggest hits, he really has a unique way of conveying his feeling through his art. Here are five Conan lyrics that hit a little too close to home!

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“Now’s about the time the boredom hits…”

Starting with the song that sparked our concerns about Conan’s mindreading powers, ‘Telepath’ sees him predicting how his ex will try to win him back after a messy breakup. While the storyline of someone missing you a little too late hits home for some people, the lyric we really resonate with is this one about being bored because… pandemic life. 

Get to streaming ‘Telepath’ right here! Of course, Conan will already know if you do….

“I’d rather lie than tell you I’m in love with you…”

Cue the waterworks. ‘Fight or Flight’ is already a super emotional song, but this line on the chorus just really gets us. Everyone goes through experiences where they’re scared to say what they really feel, whether it’s about romantic feelings or not, and this track captures that so well.

“Keep your petals pointing towards the sun and bloom…”

Motivation for bad days, anyone? We love that even in the midst of the sad songs he’s become known for, Conan offers some uplifting messages on ‘Lovesick Boys!’ He explained in the YouTube description:

Things to take away from this simple song: You are so much better than you know that you are. You deserve all the love you can receive. You deserve happiness

‘We had magic, but you made it tragic…” 

This lyric from ‘Maniac’ effortlessly sum up what it feels like to be wronged by someone you love. The rhyming between “magic” and “tragic” shows off how easily things went wrong, and gives us some Taylor Swift vibes – she used a similar play on words on her 2012 track ‘Sad Beautiful Tragic.’

“All the people, all the lovers, all my friends, and I hope that they all get their happy end…”

‘The Story’ gets us in our feels every time, but this hopeful lyric makes it hurt a little less. The song reflects on different people Conan has met during his life and ponders whether they made it through the obstacles they faced. This line gives it the optimism of a happy ending even though it may not have happened, and we’d like to personally thank Conan for giving us hope in these stories.

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