Angels & Airwaves Concert Rocks New York City

Angels & Airwaves Concert Rocks New York City

Crowd surfing and live rock music? The world is healing! Angels & Airwaves hit the stage last week when they stopped in New York City for a concert on the Lifeforms World Tour.

My Kid Brother started the show and they absolutely killed it. They brought the energy up right away. The five-piece absolutely loves being on stage and it showed. Someone teach us how to dance like that!

Bad Suns were up next. We got to hear a mix of their classics like ‘Daft Pretty Boys’ and ‘Swimming in the Moonlight,’ but also some new tracks off their upcoming album! Three months is too long to wait, this new stuff is fantastic.

When Angels & Airwaves finally took the stage, the venue lit up. It’s been a minute since we’ve been at a show with this much energy! The crowd was so loud, our ears are still ringing (in a good way, of course).

The setlist was *chef’s kiss.* They played over half of the new album, Lifeforms, and had a good mix of their whole discography going all the way back to 2006. The crowd was having an amazing time singing along and crowdsurfing all night long.

Image Source: Alyssa Rasp for The Honey POP

They love their music and know it’s incredible. At one point, frontman Tom DeLonge (formerly of Blink-182) introduced ‘Rebel Girl’ by saying, “This song is so f***ing good that you’re going to get pregnant with it. It’s the truth.”

The love didn’t stop at their music though. Throughout the night, Tom would have a chat with the rest of the band between songs and their dynamic shined. They even stopped Tom’s guitar tech Justin once onstage to introduce him to the crowd as “Jesus.” The relationship the band has with each other and their crew made the show much more special to experience.

We had so much fun seeing Angels & Airwaves play a concert in New York City to celebrate the Lifeforms album. There’s a few more US dates in November before they set off to the UK next year, so, grab your tickets here!

Have you listened to Lifeforms yet? Tweet us your favorite song @TheHoneyPOP and let us know, we know we can’t stop listening!

Craving more live music as much as us? We got you covered.


Featured Image Source and Gallery: Alyssa Rasp for The Honey POP

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