5 Songs We Hope Conan Gray Performs On His 2022 World Tour

5 Songs We Hope Conan Gray Performs On His 2022 World Tour

Conan Gray just announced a massive world tour, and we at THP can’t stop buzzing about it! Fans will almost definitely get to yell along with hits like ‘Heather,’ ‘The Story,’ and ‘Maniac,’ but we’re curious to see what lesser-known songs make the setlist. Here are five songs we hope to hear when Conan hits the stage!


‘Checkmate’ is undoubtedly one of the catchiest tracks on Conan’s Kid Krow album, so it’d be a perfect addition to his tour setlist! In just under two and a half minutes, he manages to call out someone who hurt him with a sense of grace despite being clearly angry, making it one of his most impressive songs lyrically.


One of Conan’s more recent singles, ‘Astronomy’ describes growing apart from someone you love after sharing countless sweet memories. It comes off as a romantic kind of love, but it’s actually about Conan’s friend Ashley and how he wants to stay close as the years go on! He notably wrote the song with Dan Nigro, who worked with Conan’s friend Olivia Rodrigo on her Sour album earlier this year.

‘Little League’

We at THP adore the way Conan captures nostalgia, and ‘Little League’ is the perfect example! The crowd wouldn’t be able to stop the waterworks if he performed this song on tour, and it’d be a cute reflection on how much everyone has grown since he released it in March 2020 (right before the world went to… whatever the world is right now).

‘Greek God’ 

Conan stands up to a selfish bully on ‘Greek God,’ a stunning track with a cool indie-rock guitar. The chorus has a fun drum beat that would hit different live! It’d be heavenly if he put this fan-favorite on the setlist.


‘Grow’ was Conan’s first single, so it’d be such a sweet full-circle moment if he performed it on tour! It’s such a dreamy track about discovering who you are and finding the best version of yourself, making it the perfect post-lockdown anthem after we all did a good amount of self-reflection.

What songs do you want to hear on Conan’s world tour? Share your dream setlist with us in the comments below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! And if you’re hoping to catch Conan live, you can grab tickets here


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