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We Live La Dolce Vita With ONEUS’ Music

We Live La Dolce Vita With ONEUS’ Music


When our favorite boys of ONEUS release music, we sit down, stream, and spread the word like the good To Moons we are. We couldn’t be happier with La Dolce Vita: from the ‘Intro’ to the Spanish version of the title track ‘Baila Conmigo,’ we are in love with every single track on this list. It is simply impossible to listen to the group and not fall in love with their music. Their passion and constant successful experimenting with genres make them stand out in the industry and in our hearts.

We’re Dancing With ONEUS

We have seen and heard a lot of variety in ONEUS‘ music, and they still manage to surprise us with every comeback. La Dolce Vita gave us a whole new sound to the group once again, and it is already a favorite album of ours, and ‘Baila Conmigo:’ a favorite title track.

Have you listened yet? Have you watched the music video? We are down bad for these guys, and honestly, we think everyone should be. The Latin elements in ‘Baila Conmigo’ took our breath away! ONEUS made the song sound so smooth with their perfect vocals and transitions between the Korean and Spanish lyrics. Did we mention there’s a full Spanish version of the song, too? Yes, we know we did; we just had to point it out one more time. Now, we are convinced there’s nothing these guys can’t do, try to change our minds (you can’t.)

Did you know there is also a mermaid theme input here? From their teaser photos, album style, and all the way to the album art, there are quite a few hints leading to the underwater creatures. And if you need further proof, the story artwork teasers for La Dolce Vita feature the members with merfolk tails. Now, also take a closer look at the styling in the music video. Did you notice it? Would you dance with these handsome and talented mermen? There’s only one correct answer.

Unmatched B-Sides

We really won with ONEUS’ La Dolce Vita. Every single song on the album is well-polished, has its own vibe, and still flows perfectly together. If you ask us for our favorite B-sides, our answers will differ every time. We simply can’t pick. We’d probably say it’s the addictive and way too short opening track ‘Intro: Beggin’ you.’ Then, we’d have ‘Epilogue’ play, and suddenly, our minds would change to this brighter, hopeful music number. And when ‘Simulation’ comes on? With its dark and dramatic atmosphere? Don’t make us pick, we are ‘Beggin’ you’ (see what we did there?)

With such a fantasy-like album as La Dolce Vita, ONEUS have once again reassured us why stanning them is a great idea. What’s your opinion on their comeback? Are you enjoying it to the fullest? Come over to @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, or Instagram and tell us all your thoughts about the group’s comeback.

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