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What If OMEGA X’s iykyk Songs Represented ‘JUNK FOOD’

What If OMEGA X’s iykyk Songs Represented ‘JUNK FOOD’

OMEGA X iykyk Junk Food

Remember how happy we were when OMEGA X released ‘Dream?’ Now imagine how excited we are after we got a whole mini-album! We can’t contain ourselves. Just the thought of iykyk is making us all warm inside, and after listening to the songs, we are screaming at the top of our lungs because bops! We knew it, we expected the best, but that doesn’t make our hype any less.

iykyk brings us the title track ‘JUNK FOOD,’ and it made our brains tick. Our thoughts became invaded with all the junk food we could think of, and we were suddenly assigning them to each song. Want to know our picks?


Ok, we just have to start with ‘JUNK FOOD.’ That song left us in shambles, and what do we do about it? We replay it, because that’s one bop we are not getting out of our heads. SOTY? If the goal was to create a song that is as appealing and addictive as junk food, well then, congrats, OMEGA X, you have done it! No matter how many times we listen or rewatch the music video, we will be coming back. The obsessive levels on this one are strong.

We said we’ll match each song with junk food, so what fits this dynamic title track? We’d say a whole platter. You have a little bit of everything here, from the big juicy burgers to the fried delights, to the sweet doughnuts and chips variations. ‘JUNK FOOD’ hits hard, but it also has those beautiful vocals that make the song flow so smoothly while showing us the many talents that the members have. This is one “unhealthy meal” we’d take any day.


Let’s check out the B-sides next! As an opener to iykyk, ‘LOUDER ‘ really makes some noise. We know we are listening to an OMEGA X album with how upbeat this track is, and it hits just right. If we had to pick a representative for it, we’d go with sugary drinks. Think soda or even energy drinks, because this song fills us up with so much energy just from listening to it, and it leaves a delicious “taste” in our ears.


We all know (and if you didn’t, now you know) that OMEGA X are versatile artists. They can do the most heavy styles and the most gentle ones. ‘Touch’ falls on the softer side and allows us to take our breath after those two powerful songs before it. So that brings the question, what is a relaxing snack, or one we go to when we tend to feel more than we are used to? The classic chocolate would be what we’d say. Do you agree with us? Is ‘Touch’ your block of chocolate you take at these times?


What kind of junk food would fit the uplifting and positive ‘HEY!?’ While chocolate and ice cream could be a good pick here, we decided to go with a mix of gummies. The cute little shapes and colors are always fun to enjoy, and the sweetness they fill us with reminds us of this OMEGA X song, especially the lines “We’ll always be with you.” These comforting words repeated over and over in the song are as pleasant as grabbing a bag of gummies and having fun going through the shapes and enjoying them slowly.


The final song on the list, ‘ISLAND,’ is a very special one, the perfect closer. This musical beauty is made for FOR X, and we just know it has to be a fan favorite. How can it not be? All of the OMEGA X members worked together to create this lovely track. That’s right, all of them! All of these reasons, and the song itself feel like a celebration of the relationship between artists and fans, a very special and unique bond. So, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of celebration? It’s cake for us. Reaching that island created especially for OMEGA X and FOR X, sharing cake surrounded by beautiful dreamy scenery: this is what we are picturing.

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OMEGA X’s iykyk came and slapped with its many-sided tracks. It’s a comeback we will be holding dear, as it’s the first proper one in a long time and we have to say, it was so worth the wait. Members collaborating and taking part in the processes of production make it all the more exceptional.

We’re ready to hear about your experience listening to the new album. If you were to match OMEGA X’s iykyk songs to junk food, how would you do it? Do you think we nailed it? What are your favorite tracks on the album? Stop by at @thehoneypopFacebook, or Instagram to tell us.

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