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INTERVIEW: Ryder Beer’s Debut Single? We ‘Can’t Take It’ Off Repeat!

INTERVIEW: Ryder Beer’s Debut Single? We ‘Can’t Take It’ Off Repeat!

Nothing beats the magic of a debut single that not only shows you how much an artist has to offer, but also makes you eager to see what else they have up their sleeve for the future. That’s exactly how we’d describe Ryder Beer’s debut with ‘Can’t Take It,’ an electrifying track about a relationship’s downfall. If you’re dealing with a breakup or an impending one, it’ll help you dance away the pain and look forward to finding a true connection in the future!

And as if this release wasn’t already exciting enough, we got to talk to Ryder about the song, his creative process, the first time he heard his sister Madison’s song about their connection, and more! Listen to ‘Can’t Take It’ below, then keep reading to check out our interview with Ryder.

Hey Ryder, welcome to THP! Congrats on your debut with ‘Can’t Take It’ – how does it feel to let the song out into the world, and how did you choose ‘Can’t Take It’ as your debut single?
I’m so excited to finally release music and put it out into the world! I chose ‘Can’t Take It’ because I felt it was a song you could put on repeat and also a glimpse into what my sound will be moving forward.

What does ‘Can’t Take It’ mean to you?
My hopes are when people listen to this song that they know they’re not alone and don’t feel bad about wanting their relationship to end. It’s a bummer hurting someone, but if you’re not feeling it any longer, you have to take care of your needs.

There are so many great lyrics on ‘Can’t Take It,’ with one of our favorites being “I can fake a smile, but it won’t make us closer.” Is there a certain line on the song that you especially love?
That’s awesome because it’s my favorite too! I love this lyric because I’m sure a lot of people experience feeling forced to act a certain way in a relationship but it doesn’t add up to how they’re feeling.

Image Source: Courtesy of Align PR

You’ve loved music your whole life, and you even told Wonderland in 2020 that you’d constantly be tapping your fingers when you were younger. How did you know that now was the right time to officially start your music career?
I’ve been in the studio developing my sound and feel like I finally found it, so now seems like the perfect time to introduce myself to the world!

When you’re producing a song, do you usually have an idea of where it will go, or does that evolve as you’re working on it? What’s your creative process like?
It’s actually a combination of things. Sometimes I get inspired by a concept and run with that. Other times I just create a beat, start harmonizing over that, and see what comes of it. I love the entire process!

You spent a semester at Berklee School of Music before ultimately deciding to step away and find your own path, which we think is so admirable! How would you describe your journey so far in three words?
After high school, I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to the Berklee School of Music. While I attended for a semester, I found that the conventional teaching methods didn’t quite align with my learning style. It was during this time that I felt a powerful pull from the universe, leading me towards the studio, where I dedicated myself to honing my craft and paving my own way forward.

We at THP are also big fans of your sister, Madison Beer, and one of our favorite tracks on Silence Between Songs was about your connection! What was it like when you heard ‘Ryder’ for the first time?
First I was shocked by its message and beauty, then I was so flattered! I felt seen, I felt loved, I felt special, and I felt like I had a built-in best friend. Hearing this on tour might break me.

If you could do a Ryder remix of any of Madison’s songs, which would you choose and what kind of unique spin would you put on it?
I honestly love them all just the way they are. If I had to pick one, maybe it would be ‘Reckless’ with a sped-up twist on it… but I am a little over everyone wanting to change songs that are already awesome.

You recently went to see Coldplay live and you called it magical! If you were planning a Ryder Beer concert, what kind of show would you want to put on? Any special stage ideas or fireworks?
Coldplay was unbelievable, literally hit after hit. I’m pretty chill, so if the day comes when I get to put on a show, it would be nothing over the top. I would like for the music to be the impact, not the bells and whistles.

What can your fans look forward to in the rest of 2023?
Definitely more music, next year I’ll probably drop a few more singles and hopefully my first EP or LP!

Is there anything else you’d like to mention or say to your fans that the questions didn’t touch on?
I just hope to encourage people to put themselves out there. Sometimes we let fear get in the way, but just believe in yourself and take the chance!

Image Credit: Lucas Markman

Thank you so much to Ryder for answering our questions and blessing our playlists with ‘Can’t Take It!’ Now we wanna hear from you, honeybees – what do you think of the song? Do you have a favorite lyric? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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