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Halsey Is Being Cryptic And We Want To Know Why!

Halsey is back giving us cryptic clues and we hope that means something big is coming!

The Songs That Prove Halsey Is One Of The Best Lyricists Of Our Generation

As Halsey once said, they have next level abilities “To make a memory, Out of a feelin’”

It’s All ‘about-face’ With Halsey

What a great beginning of 2021; Halsey arrives with her own brand!

How Halsey Made 2020 Her Year

What a wild ride 2020 has been? But Halsey has still managed to ACE it. Find out why here!

3 Halsey Bridges Penned by Their Blue-Haired Self, Including One That Was ‘So Good’

If reaching for the hair dye box after a breakup is considered the perfect remedy, then returning to one’s roots is Halsey’s idea of a glow-up! 💇‍♀️

Halsey Is Back To Reclaim Her Power With The Artwork Reveal Of If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power

Halsey is an unstoppable supernova in new album cover for If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.

Is Halsey ‘Running’ Towards A Secret Surprise?

Haley’s on the run…but where to?

Machine Gun Kelly And Halsey Gave Us Super Performances At Bud Light’s Super Bowl Music Fest

Halsey and Machine Gun Kelly in one night? Sign us right up!