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5 Times Halsey Has Been the Voice of Our Generation!

A voice for our generation and an inspiration to all.

Marshmello x Halsey Transport Us Into A Pastel Universe

We didn’t know we could love the Halsey x Marshmello collab even more, but here we are…

‘Forget me too’? We wouldn’t do it for Machine Gun Kelly and Halsey!

‘Forget Me too’ really smashed our expectations.

Halsey Takes Us Back To The Badlands For 5 Years

Halsey takes us back to the Badlands for the 5 year anniversary with a live album.

Halsey’s Dedication to Her Craft is Unmatched And Their 5th SNL Appearance Proves This

Halsey’s performance power leaves us floored on SNL!

5 Reasons Why We Think Halsey is ‘Driving’ Back Into Badlands

We’re no longer captive in Badlands but here’s five reasons why we think we’re going back!

Jagwar Twin Takes On Halsey & Marshmello As He Covers ‘Be Kind’

Check out the latest Jagwar Twin cover!


Fashion Fix: Halsey’s Painted Strawberries Shirt

Clementines are so 2020, we’re digging strawberries right now!

halsey manic

Halsey Gives Us All of Her with Manic

Goodbye Halsey, Hello Ashley

Let’s Explore The Genius Of Halsey’s Artistry

We can’t get enough of Halsey, so celebrate their work with us? There’s a lot of content to get through!