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3 Columbia Records Artists We’d Love To Hear Halsey Collab With

3 Columbia Records Artists We’d Love To Hear Halsey Collab With

A huge THP congratulations goes out to Halsey, because she just signed with Columbia Records to release new music! We’re excited whenever Halsey does literally anything – seriously, they could post their grocery list in chicken-scratch handwriting and we’d try to get something from it tattooed – but this news has us on a whole new level. Columbia Records is already home to some of our favorite artists of all time, and that list just grew a little longer.

To celebrate, we’re choosing three artists on the Columbia roster that we’d do anything to hear Halsey head to the studio with! And, just for fun, we’re matching them with Halsey songs that we think the collab might sound like. 

We got a little teaser of what this collab could sound like when H teamed up with Travis Barker on her masterpiece with YUNGBLUD, ‘11 Minutes.’ But we still wanna hear more, and this time, it’d be amazing to get the entirety of Blink-182 in on the fun! Blending Blink’s nostalgic pop-punk sound with Halsey’s edgier rock vibes from If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power would be such an interesting mix.

What We Think It’d Sound Like: ‘You asked for this’

Dove Cameron

Two of our favorite queens on one song? We would simply explode. Dove and Halsey have both made waves with angsty, sapphic songs like ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Strangers,’ so we think this would be a great pairing. They’ve also both leaned into a mysterious, almost ominous sound before, and their voices are absolutely mesmerizing. We wouldn’t be able to take this song off repeat, like, ever.

What We Think It’d Sound Like: ‘Haunting’

Harry Styles

If you’re a longtime Halsey fan, you’ll know they’ve loved Harry Styles since before they became a household name. A couple big hits and concerts later, Harry even wound up dedicating ‘Kiwi’ to her at a show in October 2021! In conclusion, it’s about time for these two to get into a recording booth together. They’d seriously give us not only a Song Of The Summer contender, but a Song Of Our Lifetime contender. 

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Which of these collabs do you think you’d stan hardest? Is there another Columbia artist you’d love to hear Halsey work with? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Halsey content while we wait for their first song on Columbia Records, click here.


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