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Breathtaking Visuals Overtook Deadmau5 Show In Brooklyn

Breathtaking Visuals Overtook Deadmau5 Show In Brooklyn

On the last night of his three-day Brooklyn Binge, Joel Zimmerman, AKA Deadmau5, brought his Cube v3 USA tour to an epic finale. A DJ and music producer hailing from Niagara Falls, Canada, Joel has been producing house and electronic music since the 1990s. He has released over 15 different albums of original and remixed music. 

Deadmau5 - Brooklyn

Joel’s Cube v3 performance is probably one of the best shows that you will attend in your life. Starting with his new single ‘COASTED’, breathtaking visuals started to overtake this enormous black cube that took center stage.

As the show went on, more visuals overtook the cube. It was one of the few shows where it paid off to not be in the front row; the further back you stood, the better view of the cube and light show you had. Joel remained elusive, and played his mixes behind the cube for about the first quarter of the show.

Deadmau5 - Brooklyn

Until the cube started rotating, that is. Around it went, and there Joel was in his trademark Mouse Head that was lit up in a bright green smile. Joel played through many fan favorites, including ‘Ghosts and Stuff’, ‘The Veldt’, and a new favorite ‘Monophobia’.

Special Guest: Lights

About halfway through the show, Joel invited vocalist and popstar, Lights, to give us an amazing performance of Raise Your Weapon’. Joel and Lights wanted to give the audience a fun show, so they decided to dress up as each other. Joel sported a long red-haired wig, while Lights put up her hair in a baseball cap, and had Joel’s neck tattoos painted on. Lights sang a couple of numbers, giving the crowd an unforgettable experience. 

Deadmau5 - Brooklyn

Joel ended the night with a fantastic 30 minute encore. His cube is a fantastic feat of engineering, and deserves a place in a future museum. Joel designed much of the idea and the visuals himself, and mixes his visuals and music together in real time. Because of this, no two shows are exactly the same. 

Before the show started, “Mouse Facts” were projected onto the cube. One of these mentioned a future goal of Joel’s, by doing a full 360 degree show with the cube – is something we can expect in the future? Here’s to hoping so! 

Have you ever went to a Deadmau5 show? Let us know by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Feature image and gallery: Rachel RC Scott – 26ShadesofGreen for The Honey Pop

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