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Olivia Lunny Exudes Eloquence, Eagerness, And Energetic Passion in This Exclusive Interview

Olivia Lunny Exudes Eloquence, Eagerness, And Energetic Passion in This Exclusive Interview

Olivia Lunny has been making some huge waves over the last year. From being the ultimate victor on CTV’s The Launch, to scoring her first Top 40 hit, she has been creeping up the musical rankings and onto our new artist radar!

Since her win on The Launch, she went on to captivate the world with her heartfelt debut EP, To The Ones I Loved, which was released on August 28th. The project has garnered over 1.8 million streams on Spotify to date; it won her a SOCAN Young Canadian Songwriter Award sponsored by SIRIUSXM, and landed her a deal with Universal Music Canada. She has been heavy on our minds and endlessly playing on our radio waves.

As a young artist with high hopes and ambitions (who we stand behind 100%), we were honored to get a little low down on Olivia Lunny and her music- the inside scoop, if you will. We asked her all about her music, how 2020 has treated her, and what we can expect from the up-and-comer over the next year in this exclusive interview!

What made you decide to pursue a career in the music industry, and how did you know this was the path you wanted to take?
Growing up music was always playing in my household. By the age of twelve my dad had taught me a few chords on guitar which led me to writing some of my first songs. As I got older, I started gigging locally. By grade 11, my passion for music slowly began developing into a career. Fast forward 2 years, and I started to pursue it full time instead of attending post secondary. 

Image Source: Olivia Lunny via Twitter

What would you say is your biggest muse when it comes to creating music? Do you have any musical inspirations?
I’ve always been inspired by my surroundings and sounds around me. For example, when I’m at my family cottage in a secluded forest, I tend to write more chill elegant lyrics vs. When I’m in the city collaborating and feeding off of that energy. 

How have your own personal experiences helped you in songwriting?
I draw inspiration heavily from my personal experiences. Ages 14-21 are very transitional years- pulling inspiration from my past relationships is what pushed me to create my first EP (released spring of 2020).

How would you describe your sound? Would you ever want to branch out and do something that sounds super different? If so, what genre would you like to dip your foot in?
I started as a folk singer-songwriter, my roots will always call back to me and the guitar. As I grow older, I find myself writing poppier, more energetic melodies and lyrics. I’m in a very pleasant happy season of my life right now and that is definitely being reflective in this new music I am creating! I enjoy R&B and would love to experiment with lyrics and rhythms in that realm one day soon.

Image Source: Olivia Lunny via Twitter

What was the recording process like for your new EP To The Ones I Loved? What’s your favorite memory in writing and going through the process of making this EP?
Recording this EP was incredibly fun and experimental for me. As an emerging artist, I had yet to find a distinct sound, and that’s why these 4 songs are all so diverse. My standout moment from this creative process was writing ‘Bedsheets.’ This song came together in a few hours organically after a session AJ Healey and I had. I usually don’t pick favorites, but this song is something extra special for me.

What’s your favorite lyric from ‘Bedsheets’ and why?
“Cigarette inside your hand, wish you would hold me like that.” I love this lyric because it paints such a vivid picture and feeling.

If someone wanted to listen to your music for the first time, what track would you tell them to listen to first?
I would tell them to listen to my track ‘Think of Me.’ This song is playful and tells a story that so many of us can resonate with. 

2020 has made it difficult for artists to connect with their fans in person. How have you been keeping in touch with your fans online?
Social media has been a really amazing thing through COVID. Whether its TikTok or taking part in my musician friends’ Instagram Live stream Concerts, I think it’s safe to say Social media has kept us all close through this wild time.

This year has been unconventional, to say the least, and many of us have been binging movies and tv shows! What are some of your all-time favorite movies and tv shows?
I recently watched The Undoing on HBO, and it was AMAZING. Dead to Me & Love Island have kept me entertained as well!

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What can we expect from you and your music over the next year? Any big plans you can share?
A lot of new music… Stay tuned!

Image Source: Olivia Lunny via Twitter

We are ecstatic to see what she does next! We’re sure it’s going to be out-of-this-world, and we’re on standby to have our wigs snatched and our socks knocked off! Don’t forget to go check out Olivia’s EP To The Ones I Loved if you haven’t already! It’s a must-have for any playlist, and you won’t regret it!

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Featured Image Source: Olivia Lunny via Twitter

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