Bully Sells-Out Chicago Back to Back to Back!

Bully Sells-Out Chicago Back to Back to Back!

For the first time since releasing their latest album SUGAREGG, Bully is back on tour and has sold out Chicago back to back to back! And, on August 28th, we were lucky enough to cover one of their shows!

Bully, formed in Nashville, TN, released SUGAREGG in August of 2020. And, because of obvious reasons, Bully was not able to perform songs off the new record live until now! Just a little longer than a full year later. No wonder Bully sold out Chicago back to back to back! People missed seeing them and wanted to hear the new songs.

Chicago-based band, Smut kicked off the sold-out show at Empty Bottle. Their performance was fantastic and got the crowd pumped up for Bully.

Bully’s sold-out show was filled with energy, action, and lots of shouting back lyrics from the audience! People were yelling, people were dancing, and people were moshing! Everyone in the crowd participated differently, but one thing they all had in common was that they were all excited to see Bully live!

Bully’s Setlist:

  • ‘Like Fire’
  • ‘Where to Start’
  • ‘Brainfreeze’
  • ‘Prism’
  • ‘You’
  • ‘Let You’
  • ‘Stuck in Your Head’
  • ‘Come Down’
  • ‘Every Tradition’
  • ‘Kills to Be Resistant’
  • ‘Add It On’
  • ‘Trash’
  • ‘Six’
  • ‘Blame’
  • ‘Feel the Same’
  • ‘Focused’
  • ‘Trying’
  • ‘Hours and Hours’
  • ‘Milkman’

You can find more live music photos and reviews here!

What’s your favorite song off Bully’s new record? Where do you plan on seeing Bully while they’re on tour? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or our Instagram.


Featured Image and Gallery: Michael Yebra

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